Arm & Hammer Vacuum Bags

Date Fri, November 27 2009

I do not want to say much about vacuum bags. It’s not an item one can review in depth so I won’t. I will just say what is important. Arm & Hammer creates a variety of replacement bags for vacuums of all makes and models, including Dirt Devil Featherlites, which is what we have (although; the bag shown in the image is a different type). These are pretty much the only brand available at Wal-mart and they are only available there. There are 3 types of bags: standard, premium and pet fresh and we went with premium which is described on Arm & Hammer’s site as thus:

ARM & HAMMER premium allergen vacuum bags retain up to 100% of dust mite debris, household fibers, grass and ragweed pollens plus particles 15 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

armandhammervacuumbagIt sounded like a good deal and we picked out the type for our Vacuum (D). At home, I tried to put the bag on but became increasingly frustrated because it just wasn’t fitting my vacuum’s nozzle. It just seemed too tight and then.. it ripped! I was worried but, actually, it only ripped a bit and it was just enough to make the bag slip on. The bag was secure enough so I closed up the machine and tested it out successfully.

I just think it’s odd that I should have to rip something to make it work but, in hindsight, it makes sense. The round hole in the bag is reinforced with a piece of cardboard (square with a round hole), but I think there is a small slit in the cardboard with the name brand bags that came with the vacuum to make application easier. Or perhaps it was just slightly larger. I do know it was easier to put on the original bags. It may be that Arm & Hammer has tried cutting some corners with their bags because one-size-fits most is definitely a hard order to fill. Potentially, I should have gone with a different type but both Arm & Hammer and Dirt Devil say D is okay to use (as is type U).

With that said, I’ll certainly have an easier time applying the rest of the Arm & Hammer vacuum bags (we bought a 3 pack) because I know to tear or cut it in the future but I may just buy the Dirt Devil brand vacuum bags, if I can find them and the prices are comparable.

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