BC Cases Duo Shield for HTC One V

Date Thu, November 1 2012

I decided not to go with Otterbox as a case for my new phone, but I knew that I needed one. My decision came down to a couple things:

  1. Accessibility — Otterbox cases are a bitch to remove
  2. Price — They’re more expensive than the competition
  3. Bulk — My phone just seemed huge, and I love the sleek profile of my HTC One V
Duo Shield Case for HTC One V

Duo Shield Case for HTC One V

In the process, I opened up to colorful cases, too. I was having a hard time finding anything that wasn’t a cheapo “rubber” case for my phone. It’s not as popular as, say, the HTC One X. I would have considered one of those skins, but reviews on Amazon were disparaging. They were poor quality and didn’t show the LED light. Granted, it’s in a somewhat awkward position on the top of the phone, but a good case will make room for it anyway.

I was discouraged when  I went to eBay, where a whole bunch of colorful BC cases showed up. I wasn’t previously familiar with the brand, but they looked similar to the Otterbox Commuter case, and the price was good. I debated between colors before opting for pink and black. The white looked super cool, but we all know how dirty white becomes after a while.

It wasn’t long until the pink and black case was in my hand. I was immediately slightly let down. In the pictures, it’s a cool, deep pink. It’s a little more subdued in person, but I’ve grown to like it. The case consists of two pieces: a silicone skin that immediately encases the phone and a piece of polycarbonate that snaps on around the silicone. You can put them on separately or keep them together and try to line them up. That’s actually how I put on my old, Otterbox case because it was easier. I did it separately with the One V case.

I immediately noticed that this case is more flexible than the Commuter. You can somewhat bend the Duo Shield case. In all, I feel like Otterbox provided me with more protection but it came with a bulky price. With my BC case, I feel protected, but not so much that I’m going to throw my phone or run it over with a car. The polycarbonate component is thinner and covers less of the phone with the Duo Shield case than a Commuter case. However, this makes it easier to install and remove, especially without breaking nails or, as was the case, breaking the clips on the phone.

The Duo Shield case does seem to fit a little more loosely on my phone, but it hasn’t impacted function. I’ve dropped the phone a few times in the case without any damage. To be honest, I dropped it a few times before I had the case onto my tile floor without damage. This phone is probably sturdier than my Evo Shift, but I’m not taking any chances.

I did pass up the screen protector because I am just awful at putting them on. I tried and tried and, eventually, just gave up.

Though the case does add a little bulk to my phone, it’s only a few milometers on any side. It still fits into my pocket, hands and bag quite nicely, which was important when I was shopping. For the price, I’m happy with my Duo Shield case, and I’d recommend Beyond Cell cases to others.

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  1. Lawna Noe November 3 2012 @ 12:48 am

    I love the design and color combo!

  2. Have Sippy Will Travel Mommy Blogger November 3 2012 @ 9:46 am

    very pretty

  3. Beeb Ashcroft November 3 2012 @ 3:38 pm

    I need a new case…and a new smartphone, for that matter, LOL! Pink and black are my favorite colors.

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