Bertolli Rustico Bakes Stuffed Shells Bolognese

Date Tue, November 12 2013
Stuffed Shells Bolognese

Stuffed Shells Bolognese

How about another food review? This certainly isn’t my first Bertolli review. Hell, it’s not even my second. I write them so much  that they should make put me on their payroll. Or send me free product. I’m good either way.

So is this product good? It’s okay. Let me get there in a moment. You see, I’m writing a bit blindly, but the specific product I picked up isn’t on Bertolli’s website. I know it’s a new line, but I can’t help but wonder if the company is still trying to figure out what it’s doing. There’s no Stuffed Shells Bolognese listed, but there’s a very similar Stuffed Shells a la Vodka, which I’m totally wanting to try. The descriptions and photos are almost identical, but the bolognese comes with a “hearty meat sauce” and the shells also have mozzarella in them.

The idea of the definitely like. In fact, I’m wondering whether there’s any difference at all with the Chicken Parmigiana & Penne.

Anyway, I like stuffed shells, but I do tend to prefer a bit of meat. With that said, the tomato sauce is quite meaty. The company didn’t skimp with this. The shells are full of cheese, but I noticed that the spices were only in the sauce and not in the cheese like the pictures suggest.  The shells themselves were enjoyable, but they seemed lackluster when compared to the sauce, I think.

As far as preparing in the microwave, the texture came out perfectly. I don’t think that every meal would work in the microwave, but this did. The package says it serves two, and it will, but you may want to add a salad to beef up your meal. I got two or three small meals out of this, and it reheated very nicely.

With that said, I know I’ll be trying the other meals in this line. The Ricotta & Spinach Cannelloni and  Creamy Spinach Rollatini look especially delicious. You can likely look forward to those reviews in the future.

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