The Best Products of 2014 [Guide]

Date Mon, December 29 2014

2014 is coming to a close, which means I need to post my annual guide containing the best products I’ve tried and buyed (okay, so I wanted it to rhyme!)

Many of the products that I loved were purchased by me, which makes me a happy  consumer. Of course, there might be more items on this list if I reviewed everything that I purchased, but I don’t. I do try to review things if it’s something I would look for an in-depth review for as a shopper, but not everything is worth it.

During 2014, I also moved away from writing reviews about food. That’s not really the focus that I want to go in, and because it basically came down to “delicious” or “meh,” the reviews weren’t as helpful as I would have liked. Perhaps if I were more of a cook or a photographer, I would have continued.

This means the focus has been on pet care (because I love my boys), health and beauty (because I’m a girly-girl) and technology (because I’m not always a girly girl, heh). I feel this slightly-narrowed focus on Reviews By Cole better suits my needs, and I hope my readers like it, too! Health and beauty products dominate the list, so we’ll start there!

Health and Beauty

Pet Care


Entertainment, Media and Toys

Technology and Gadgets


gleam giveaways

gleam giveaways

Websites and Services

With more than two dozen “bests” on this list, I was discovering something awesome roughly every two weeks. In hindsight, that’s pretty awesome! There’s also more best-ofs on this list than last year’s list, and there are more websites and services that have made my life easier, which is quite the boon for me. One site/service that I got a ton of use out of was Ebates, which I’ve written about a few times and not just this year!

Let me know about your favorite products that you’ve tried in the comments. What was your favorite review? Do we disagree on anything?


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