Betty Crocker Complete Meals: Three Cheese and Chicken

Date Tue, January 6 2009

I wasn’t completely satisfied with Betty Crocker’s Complete Meals. Sure, chicken and cheese may be two of my favourite foods but the Three Cheese Chicken was less than outstanding. In fact, I’d say there wasn’t anything memorable about this, except maybe the size of the box but read on to find out why it’s so effing huge!

Inside the box are a packet of pasta, topping and sauce as well as a whole can of some Progresso chicken in cream sauce. Toss in a few small packets of everything else and most of the box is just empty space. Not only is it a waste of space, I just cannot figure out who thought it was the best idea to put a can inside of a box.

All that aside, it is easy. Toss everything but the topping into a skillet (or microwavable dish or ovenware) with milk and water and you’re set to go. I do like that this comes with directions to prepare the meal in a variety of ways – stovetop, oven or microwave. The first time I made this was in the oven but I think it definitely works better in a skillet. After everything comes to a bowl, lower the heat and cover for 14 minutes. Let cool a bit before adding topping and serving.

And I may buy this meal again, if only because of the ease. The taste sure isn’t winning it over. I was immediately unimpressed when I opened the can of Progresso meat/soup/cream. IT was about 90% “cream” with only a handful of so of actual meat. This is the size of a normal Progresso soup so, you can imagine, that’s a lot of liquid. Furthermore, it had that disgusting canned meat smell just like canned chicken. If it had gone away, I would have lived, but it didn’t. My entire apartment smelled like it as I cooked and that is the overall smell of the meal.

I guess having that much cream is good. It was a very creamy meal and the pasta cooked thoroughly. After I set it to simmer, the meal did start to smell deliciously cheesy but perhaps I was just hallucinating. After adding, the topping and serving, I was completely disappointed. My husband and I both noted that while the first bite was okay, the bites thereafter became progressively worse. I guess that’s where the “Progresso” comes in!

Whiel this was more than enough for two people (perfect for 3 or for, I tihnk), the chicken was few and far between. There was far more pasta than anything else and the meal didn’t taste anything remotely like cheese. I really feel I could have made a much better meal with a can of Campbell’s Cream of chicken, store brand elbow macaroni, some shredded cheese mix and maybe some chicken breasts I make myself. In fact, I likely will try that next time instead of Betty Crocker’s Three Cheese and Chicken Complete Meal.

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