Blackheart Nail Polish

Date Mon, December 23 2013

The other day I spent a couple hours at the mall looking for a decent winter boot. That could be a whole frustrating post in and of itself, but I digress. I walked out with only a pair of pants I’d previously ordered online and a nail of polish, which I bought at Hot Topic. There was a sale but I wasn’t sure if I’d like the polish, so I picked up a color I like and brought it home to try out.

Nebula Nail Polish by Blackheart Beauty

Nebula Nail Polish by Blackheart Beauty

Nebula is a blue base with a green shimmer. It’s more blue in dark/inside light but the green definitely shows nicely under better lighting. It’s one of many color-shifting sort of polishes. Nebula is super cool and it’s not available on Hot Topic’s website, but many of the other colors are. Blackheart also has its own website featuring lingerie and cosmetics… but not this shade Here’s listed.

Unfortunately, I took off the polish before sitting down to write this, so you’ll have to settle with a shot of the bottle. It looks a little more blue in the photo than it actually does, but I was working against my phone’s flash. There are definitely some pros to this polish.

  • Goes on even
  • Only needs two coats to be opaque
  • Cute bottle is easy to grip
  • Not streaky
  • Many colors available — some unique shades
  • Dries quickly

I’ve spent more on nail polish that was far lower quality. However, it did seem to chip pretty quickly. This wasn’t a huge deal. I just patched it up and was along my way. Removal was pretty easy, too. The colored really stained my fingers, which is a bummer, but it’s pretty common with blueish green hues like this one. I’ll keep my eye out for more sales in the future. I definitely want to pick up more Blackheart nail polish.

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