Bodycology: A Study in Yum

Date Thu, August 12 2010

A while back, I contacted the folks over at Bodycology about doing a few. After all, I told them, I’ve already reviewed some of your products on my site. It’s a match made in heaven. My contact told me they’d send out some samples right away. Send, they did!

Sometimes, a company says samples and they mean it. A tiny aluminum pouch full of enough lotion to moisturize a finger. But the folks at Bodycology sent me full sized tubes and bottles of 3 different products. 3! This review is definitely thanks to them!

So the first item I’m going to discuss is the one that’s making my hands smell delicious: Vanilla Cupcake Body Cream. It comes in a giant 80z tube with yummy looking cupcakes pictured on the front. The cream itself is slightly darker than white and the back of the tube describes it as an indulgent mix of buttercream and vanilla scents. Indulgent? Yes. Smells exactly like vanilla cupcakes? Hell yes. It makes me hungry but I love it.

It’s a bit thick for use on your hands, though. It will make you sweat and is a bit slippery. But I cannot help but use it. It’s best use is to provide moisture to extra dry spots like knees or elbows, in my opinion. The scent is also very young and fun. And fairly strong. It would probably be best for a teen or young adult. For some reason, I just don’t think it’d be great in the work place but maybe I’m weird.

The Sweet Petals hand and body lotion has a bit more adult scent that would be perfect in any setting. It’s a mix of berries and sweet pea. If you’re a fan of sweet pea scents, then you’ll love this. I enjoy sweet pea but the hint of berry makes it more interesting.

This lotion is a bit lighter than the body cream which makes it perfect for your hands. The bottle I received has 12 fl ounces and a press-top cap for dispensing. It’s a lighter off white than the Vanilla Cupcake cream.

The Cherry blossom body mist is the last Bodycology product I received to review. Of course, it’s a new product in the line (as are the others I mention in this post). It comes in a typical spritz bottle with images of cherry blossoms on the front. I am usually not a big fan of this scent by any brand but I’ve been wearing the mist instead of my normal perfume. It’s floral and a bit perfume-y.. like powder scents. It’s quite mature and not as fun as the Vanilla Cupcake scent but it’s fresh and clean.

You can find descriptions of all these products and scents at the Bodycology website and connect with the company via Facebook or Twitter. If you’re torn between any of the products, there’s an on site quiz that recommends one to you, too. If you want to smell the scents for yourself, you can check out Bodycology products at Walmart, Walgreens and some grocery stores.

I really enjoyed all of these products and want to thank Bodycology for allowing me to review them. I definitely have all my lotion needs met for the next year or so. d= If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the Sweet Petals lotion.

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    I been looking for this products for a while. Please reply to me where can I buy some.

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