Brita Atlantis Water Pitcher

Date Fri, January 29 2010

It’s no secret that I don’t drink enough water and part of the reason is because the idea of tap water simply disgusts me. I mean, if I fill a pot to boil some noodles and the water looks cloudy, I’m not going to jump for joy to drink that water straight from the tap. I never really put a lot of thought into any sort of alternative, though; I just did without and that isn’t really the ideal solution. But the Brita Atlantis Water Pitcher has been a pretty good solution for me thus far.

I’d never used a filter-style water pitcher before so I did some investigating on Amazon. There were a few options from names I knew, like Brita and Pur, and some which weren’t quite so well known. I was focusing mainly on price and reviews. I didn’t want to spend over $50 and wanted to keep it closer to $25 without getting a complete piece of crap. It became immediately obvious that whichever purchase I went with, I’d have to wait for the water to filter and would more than likely wind up dealing with a carbon filter which can sometimes result in carbon particles in the water.

When I had narrowed down my list to a few suitable options (although some didn’t have many helpful reviews), I began comparing size. Although my household is small, I didn’t want to be refilling the pitcher the times a day. Unfortunately, none of the sizes were measured with the same units and it seems like filter pitchers are just a whole lot smaller than I expected, even for someone who doesn’t drink a whole lot.

I eventually settled on the Brita Atlantis Water Pitcher which has a 1.5 quart capacity. See? Small. Still, it’s not so bad. The preparation was interesting. After washing the pitcher and pieces itself, I had to open and soak the carbon filter in water for 15 minutes. I would recommend using a large bowl, if you have one. I did not, so I had to fill my entire sink which is just barely taller than the filter. After soaking, I could see the carbon flakes in my sink, which I drained. The filter was easy enough to install in the cover of the pitcher and then it’s just a matter of filling this compartment, letting it filter into the pitcher itself and repeating.

It’s worth noting that the instructions say to dump out the first batch of filtered water to eliminate any carbon flakes. I saw none, however. Some of the reviewers on Amazon had a different experience. The water starts filtering immediately but does take a bit of time. You’re not going to get a glass of water within moments, unfortunately. That is one of the downsides to a filter pitcher instead of a filter on your tap; it’s not immediate. However, it only takes filling the filter chamber twice to fill the entire pitcher and this can be done with the cover on (there is a little ‘door’ which opens to allow access).

When it’s filtered, the water is crystal clear. And how does it taste? It doesn’t have that slight sweetness of some bottled water but it’s crisp and clear and really quite good. I don’t mind drinking it, like I mind drinking tap water.

Plus, the Brita Atlantis Water Pitcher can go right in the door of your refrigerator because of the thin design. I don’t keep it there simply because ours it fully and it can get heavy but it’s nice to have the option.

The pitcher I bought only comes with one filter that needs to be refilled periodically (there is a reminder sticker thing in the package but it was confusing so I tossed it). They recommend changing it ever 2-3 months for a family of 4 so I will be able to get by changing it a bit less frequently – definitely a plus!

Having a positive experience with the Brita Atlantis Water Pitcher makes me open to investigating in a larger, more expensive model by Brita sometime in the future – should the need arise. For now, I’m quite happy with my purchase.

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