Butterfinger Snackerz

Date Wed, August 10 2011

Ah, the renegade “Z”. Somehow, companies think using it makes a word look cool when, in fact, it never has. This didn’t deter me from trying Butterfinger Snackerz. After seeing the commercial one too many times, I finally decided to buy a large bag of the bite-sized snacks. The bag itself contains many single-serving bags and each of those contains a whopping three or four bites of candy. Talk about a waste of packaging and, perhaps, money.

The snackerz are pretty good. There’s less filling than a Butterfinger bar itself so you taste more of the chocolate. It’s a little less chewy, thus less hard on the teeth and I do like that. But you know how they have them in a bowl in the commercial? That certainly wouldn’t happen unless you rip open every single package and who would do that? I find myself more irritated these days by unnecessary packaging and can’t see myself buying Butterfinger Snackerz again, even though they’re delicious.

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