CafePress (Supernatural T-Shirt)

Date Thu, November 8 2012

CafePress has been around forever it seems like, but I just bought my first shirt from there a few weeks ago. You see, I’d never dived in because a couple of reasons:

  1. The prices aren’t always great
  2. The designs are sometimes lacking
  3. And there are so many products that shopping is difficult
Supernatural Carry On My Wayward Son T-Shirt

Supernatural Carry On My Wayward Son T-Shirt

Even though I knew what I wanted this time around — a shirt that says “Keep Calm and Carry on My Wayward Son” — I still had trouble finding it. Several designers use the text so I had to find the best specific design. Then, I was searching for a woman’s cut in a color that I’d like. I found one I wanted but somehow misplaced the URL. Searching didn’t turn it up even though I was searching for the text exactly how it appeared on the shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I like shopping, but the sheer number of options is overwhelming.

I finally settled on this shirt, which uses the text and logo. It’s also a couple dollars less than some other styles. The design is really quite simple. I wasn’t sure if I’d tried American Apparel shirts in the past, but opted for an XL because I usually wear one in junior’s cuts that tend to be so slim but long.

The checkout process went okay, and I actually took advantage of the Columbus Day sale. However, the coupon glitched and it only cost me $5, which is one reason I’m not as disappointed with this purchase. The code should have given me half off, but I can’t complain. Shipping was pretty quick, too.

I actually ran back into the apartment when I got the shirt to try it on. It was a little snug at first, but felt fairly soft. According to the size chart, the bust runs 38″, the length 28″ and the sleeves 12″. I have a 38″ band, so it was good around the bust. The length falls a few inches below my jeans waist, and the arms are neither short nor long enough to bother me, but they are snug. If you need shoulder or arm room, this might not be the best choice for you. After a little bit of wear, the shirt fit almost perfectly.

It had a distinctly odd  smell but nothing that wouldn’t wash out. I was incredibly happy. There were no loose threads, it wasn’t too thin and it retained its shape nicely.  The black, of course, hasn’t faded from washing.

However, I noticed one thing over time that bothered me. It seemed as though the Supernatural logo at top was off-center. Initially, I blamed my breasts for not being perfectly even, but after I took it off, I realized it definitely is shifted to the side. I probably notice it more than others, but it’s definitely shifted to the left. It doesn’t appear that way in the product images, so I assume mine was a fluke. I didn’t send it back because the printing was otherwise high quality and it’s washed well. For $5, I could do much worse. However, I don’t think I’ll wear it as much as I’d like.

I know what to expect in terms of quality and sizing, so I’m likely to buy from CafePress again, but only if I find a shirt that I really like. I’ll probably wait for a sale, too. Although the printing error wasn’t major, it was a pretty disappointing experience.

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