Cards Against Humanity

Date Wed, July 18 2012
CardS Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

The other day I cleaned out my Facebook likes. It was over 250, and now it’s under 200. There were a bunch of websites that I’d previously liked for giveaways. One of the entries I kept was Cards Against Humanity, even though I’d never played it. It was sold out when I was game shopping for my birthday party, but it looked so fun. I guess I wanted to remember it. Wouldn’t you know that the roommate’s brother would loan it to her, telling her to play it. So we did. We played through every single question card in the deck. We laughed, we cried, we swore. Okay, maybe the last one was me, but we all did laugh until we cried.

Cards Against Humanity is tagged as the Apples to Apples for horrible people. You get question cards and everyone has to pick an answer from their hand to complete the question. You get to see how someone’s mind works. With answers like “MechaHitler” and “AIDs,” Cards Against Humanity is not for the weak of heart. However, if you like raunchy humor, it will definitely entertain you for hours.

It’s not just the game itself that rocks, though. The creators do. They provide all the cards as a PDF so you can take it to your local print shop when the ame it out of stock. They have an awesome online tester that really lets you see what the game is about, and the variations on the rules are as much fun as the game itself.

Although we enjoyed it with three people, it would be fun with more. You could drink. You could be sober. Just don’t invite the kids or the grandparents–unless your grandma is cool like that.

It’s sold out on Amazon right now, but you can still download the PDF. If you want more, you can purchase the first expansion pack,which you can’t download for free, from Amazon.

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  1. amanda August 6 2012 @ 3:52 pm

    this looks good

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