Carefresh Custom Hamster & Gerbil Bedding

Date Wed, January 21 2015

Although I am a cat person and have always considered my family to be rather fond of the felines, but younger sister has three hamsters that she loves. Carmal, Amy and Black Bear will be quickly introduced to you when you enter her house.. even if you’re ridiculously tired and imagine they’re floating midair next to your shoulder! LOL

So I immediately thought of her when I was given the opportunity to review a new Carefresh animal bedding product. But I didn’t know much about it, so I got the rundown from my sister.

She typically uses a wood shaving for her hamsters but not aspen because they’re allergic. Got it.

Carefresh Custom Hamster & Gerbil White Bedding

Carefresh Custom Hamster & Gerbil White Bedding

Carefresh’s option doesn’t use aspen — phew. But it’s also not made from shavings. Like the new formulas in okocat litter, it’s a paper-based product. My sister described it as similar to cardboard. It’s softer than wood shavings certainly, which is good for burrowing type pets.

Carefresh wants to make a product that’s as good as or event better than shavings. According to the package, the hamster and gerbil bedding will:

  • prevent odor for 10 days
  • absorb 3x more than shavings
  • be dust free
  • and work better with smaller feet

So how did it do? My sister wasn’t quite sold on this product. She said that the paper-based bedding clumped more when her hamster would urinate. However, the clumping seems to be a perk to me because it means for easier cleanup, and I’m always fond of dust-free products!

And while it might be be unrelated, her hamster had some health issues that led to shedding while using this bedding. She is an older hamster and that’s one sign of decreased health that may not be related to this bedding, but my sister is going to stick to traditional bedding, which she knows will work well.

However, Carefresh does offer shaving-based bedding as well as a tonĀ of other options for hamsters, gerbils, rabbits ferrets and other animals. You can find them at Petsmart, Petco and other pet stores in addition to online. It’s definitely a brand I would check out if there’s a small animal in your home and heart!

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