Carmex has flavours?

Date Sat, January 10 2009

You heard me right, Carmex products now come in flavours or, I suppose it would be more accurate to say, different scents. I read something a while back about the Carmex company, which I believe is based in my home state, which said they planned to make some new scents of their products and possible update their packaging. Althuogh they’re done the rather boring yellow and red scheme for some time, they’re still one of the leaders when it comes to protective and healing lip care products.

I wasn’t sure about buying a scented Carmex product because I didn’t know if the scent would just cover up the already strong Carmex scent. I’m glad to report that the Carmex I bought which is a Strawberry scented “click stick” (just like Chapstick sticks), is not a scent covering up the Carmex smell. All I can smell is the strawberry which is a sweet but not entirely true-to-life take on strawberry. Really, it’s very similar to Chapstick strawberry.

Strawberry Carmex does not have the familiar burning feeling of regular Carmex. I wasn’t fond so this is a plus. It also has not taste. In fact, it both tastes and feels rather waxy. Although my lips definitely feel protected with a layer of Carmex and moisturized (they were starting to hurt before), I think I prefer the less waxy feel and slightly sweet taste of Chapstick.

Another plus is that all Carmex seems to have some sun protection. This particular lip balm includes SPF 15 so your lips will be protected from the sun a bit. It won’t likely last you all day but a couple applications of Carmex will help you to stay moist, not chapped or burned.

I don’t mind Strawberry Carmex lip balm. It smells fine and works well but I prefer the less waxy formula and sweet taste of Chapstick instead.

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