Catit Bench Scratcher with Catnip

Date Thu, August 27 2015

My cats, like all cats with claws, loooove to scratch things. I have a cat tower with scratching posts built in. A smaller post in my bedroom, an S-shaped furniture thing, the Scratch N Shape from Imperial Cat, and, now, the Catit Bench Scratcher with Catnip. You can find this bench from for the affordable price of less than $8. Get it here!

This is scratcher made of corrugated cardboard, which my cats just love. The spaces give them places to place their claws and “grab.” And it’s better for them to scratch this than on my furniture, for example. The scratcher is wide and low, with two feet and sides that extend off, much like a chaise lounge.

At first, I was worried that the two “feet” on the bottom might cause it to tip over if the cats scratched from either side. For the most part, my cats are content with scratching in the center, however. This hasn’t been an issue. And the design means you can actually tip the Catit Bench Scratcher over fully, allowing your cat(s) to scratch on the underside after they’ve torn up the top. This makes it different from other scratchers that have a round top. Even though they’re still the same corrugated material on the bottom, they’re not stable to use upside down, which feels wasteful.

Cattie Bench Scratcher

Cattie Bench Scratcher

This also differs from some other scratchers in that it’s a bench. Not that Phantom or Goliath would let something’s intended use stop them for doing whatever they want with it, but it’s definitely got a design reminiscent of a chaise lounge. Goliath is sitting on it right now as I type. It’s big enough even for my big boy, and he looks soooo peaceful as he sleeps.

He might look angry in my photos, but it’s mostly because he hates the flash of my camera and because his brother kept running in and out of the shot (you can see it in one of the pics), so Goliath is actually keeping an eye on the boy who’s trying to steal his throne!

Although the Catit Bench Scratcher came with cat nip, I temporarily lost it. See, I have to hide packages of catnip, treats and even food; otherwise, Phantom will chew right through the bag. I did a really good job hiding it. However, even without the catnip, my boys both loved it.

As an owner, you should know these cardboard scratchers like these can be messy. Your cats will scratch pieces right off. I vacuum every other day or so and make sure to catch the loose pieces. As it becomes used up, it doesn’t look quite so “pretty,” but I definitely care more about my boys being happy rather than having a perfectly clean house. While this happens, the cardboard becomes softer, and the cats have less fun using it. That’s why being able to flip it over is so nice.

Unlike some of the flat scratchers, there are no replaceable parts. Because the Catit Bench Scratcher  is cardboard, you can simply recycle it. Awesome!

I would definitely recommend the Catit Bench Scratcher to anyone owned by a cat. It’s practical, recyclable and gets all paws up from my guys!

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