Centon Computer Memory

Date Mon, September 14 2009

centonramA few weeks ago I finally invested in some more memory for my computer. It’s only the second time I’ve done so in over 7 years. Pretty crazy, eh? I bought it on base, at the BX, because we had an AAFES gift card to use so I wasn’t really picky about brand. Before, I had been considering buying the Crucial brand computer memory but never got around to it. I wound up buying a 1 GB stick of Centon memory (DDR, PC-2700 – really shows the age of my computer!). I spent under $50 which is also a price drop from the last time I purchased memory; I believe we spent around $60 for 512MB so it’s obvious that prices are becoming much more reasonable.

Luckily, I’ve never had any problems with memory and I’ve mix matched brands but sometimes a crappy stick can cause hardware issues and the horrible Blue Screen of Death. Besides struggling to insert the actual stick – which is only because my tower has cramped – I’ve had no problems with my RAM from Centon and would buy it again or recommend it to others.

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