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Date Wed, November 23 2011

Channing & Co is a small business run by a woman named Channing. Go figure. Channing crafts jewelry from the casual to formal and everything in between. Really, it’s the everything in between that caught my eye and you’ll probably notice I don’t frequently talk about jewerly on Reviews by Cole or, really, wear too much of if. Besides my wedding/engagement ring, I wore one necklace — also a gift from my ex-husband. I now switch between three necklaces and I own a single, Celtic inspired ring that I sometimes don. I like to keep my jewelry simple but interesting. Channing & Co really offers interesting pieces that aren’t too gaudy.

Denim Chan Luu Style Wrap Bracelet

Denim Chan Luu Style Wrap Bracelet

When I first contacted her, she said I could review something and I gave some suggested so we both might be happy. Channing wound up sending me the Denim Chan Luu Style Wrap Bracelet. It’s a style I hadn’t tried but the color scheme is gorgeous and I was hooked. The piece itself came in a silver box, with a logo sticker on top, all wrapped up in an adorable pink and black ribbon. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it, because I love little touches like that. Alas, I ripped into it too quickly.

This bracelet is intended to wrap around the wrist three times. To be honest, it’s designed for a wrist a bit thinner than mine as it’s pretty snug when I wrap it. It fits too loosely on my wrist to wear wrapped twice but I could wear it as a choker/necklace. But I’m still plenty impressed with the quality and design. The bracelet is just about 21.5″ long on the looser setting wrists much larger than 7″ will find this a tight fit.

Channing’s jewelry may be handmade but it doesn’t feel cheap like so much handmade jewelry. It sounds snobby, I know, but I’d usually prefer to purchase things from a big ol’ chain store. But Channing & Co has some really unique stuff. The wrap bracelets use a unique design. The beads aren’t just strung on a piece of string but suspended between greek leather in a sort of ladder-y pattern. The navy of the leather and the agate beads look stunning together, really.

The leather extends beyond the beads at either end to create the fastener. Again, Channing & Co has provided a unique experience. One end utilizes a couple of knots to provide two loops, which allow you to secure it tighter or more loosely. To the other end is tied what seems to be a button, styled after the buffalo nickel. Pushing this button through one of the loops secures the bracelet. It’s easy enough to secure with one hand or without looking but it’s easier if someone else does it, I think.

Still, it’s worth it. I cannot express how impressed I was with this piece. It’s the kind that you design an outfit or wardrobe around and it’s just one of the memorable pieces that Channing offers. You pretty much can’t go wrong with anything from Channing & Co.

Denim Chan Luu Style Wrap Bracelet. Denim Chan Luu Style Wrap Bracelet. Denim Chan Luu Style Wrap Bracelet

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