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Date Sat, February 14 2009

This is really the first review of this type I have done and I don’t think it will be a regular thing but I will probably be getting food “to go” a lot more since Ryan is gone. It’s not really fun to eat by yourself at a restaurant (though I suppose I could frequent the bar, I’d still rather not).

So, when I decided I wanted something different from what I had at home, I went with Chilis (after some advice seeking from Ashley) because I hadn’t had it in a while. I hit up their website, but there wasn’t a way to order online, and gave ’em a call. I was worried because they had no specific number for the “to go” service but I guess that’s just how they work. My order took less than a minute and I was told it would be done in 12 minutes. I thought that was amazingly fast. I can name times when even fast food took longer.

So I headed out about 6 minutes later, pulled into the parking lot and got to park in a spot reserve for Chilis To Go customers. Pretty neat, no? It took a little bit to get my food cause I had to ask the bartender who was a little busy, but I was out of there pretty soon and headed home. It was easy and quick to order and pick up but that wasn’t the highlight.

My food (one chicken platter meal, one molten chocolate cake) were boxed in some of the largest styrofoam boxes I have seen. And, yes, this was a bit wasteful; however, it was the best packaged to-go meal I have ever had. My chicken and fries were loose but my corn on the cob was wrapped in foil so it was still hot when I got to it. The included honey mustard came in a good sized plastic cups.

Furthermore, and this is what takes the cake (haha!), the molten chocolate cake was packaged awesomely. The chocolate and caramel sauces were in their own plastic cups, the cake was loose inside the box and the ice cream was actual in it’s own airtight styrofoam bowl which I popped into the freezer. I was glad to not have my ice cream melted and spilling all over the box (and even the car, cause you know how that happens!). This was a really good idea. I did wind up microwaving my cake with the topping put on it but I had al ot of fun creating my own mess.

The food itself was exactly as though I was eating it in the restaurant and really hit the spot. I definitely found myself eating less than I thought I would so I had seconds of both the main course and dessert.

Along with packets of silverware, napkins and salt and pepper, my food came with a couple of loose packets of ketchup. So, if I were heading to the office or something, rather than home, I would have had everything I need for a tastey meal.

For lunch on the run or if you simple have no one to dine with you, I definitely recommend Chilis to Go to “pepper in some fun.”

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