Chocolate Chunk Chex Mix Bars

Date Mon, March 9 2009

I am quite the fan of chocolate. I also like snack bars. I can rarely find myself overindulging on them like I can with a bag of chips or what-have-you. So, when I saw Chex Mix bars in Chocolate Chunk flavour, I thought “Why not?”

These bars containing classic Chex Mix ingredients like pretzels as well wheat and corn Chex pieces are topped off with chocolate chunks. The whole thing also seems to be drizzled with chocolate and these Chex Mix bars are rather sweet. They’d likely go well with a glass of milk. The bars are also surprisingly soft and gooey. I thought they’d be more crunchy because of the ingredient but they’re not. I also cannot really tell the difference between Chex pieces and pretzels but it’s not a bad thing by far. They’re very delicious.

These snack bars ring in at 140 Calories per bar, are a mild source of iron and, according to the box, are a “good source of whole grain.” On the scale of things, these snack bars are more like candy bars than, say, a healthy, protein bar but still contain about half as many calories as many candy bars. Plus, they’re not trans or saturated fats and Chex Mix bars are free of Cholesterol so you really could do worse.

For a tasty, quick treat to satisfy your mid-afternoon or midnight cravings, Chex Mix Bars in Chocolate Chunk are delicious without being too unhealthy.

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