Chocolate Frosted Flakes

Date Mon, February 11 2013
Chocolate Frosted Flakes

Chocolate Frosted Flakes

I am almost as excited to write this review as I am to eat this cereal. You see, it’s new, and it’s amazing. I enjoy frosted flakes, but they’re very sweet. Chocolate frosted flakes are actually less sweet, and the name is a misnomer. The flakes seem to be made with chocolate rather than frosted with it. This is part of why I think I like it so much. The chocolate is subtle but noticeable. It’s not artificial tasting, either. I appreciate both of these facts.

I have recommended it to everyone and anyone who has expressed even a remote interest in cereal. My friend Robyn says that this has now become her chocolate crack. I guess it’s a good thing that it’s only 120 calories per serving then, huh?

The boxes only seem to be the smaller size. I’m hoping that Kelloggs will see how much I need moar and start making chocolate frosted flakes in the bigger size. It does seem like you can buy them in two-pack boxes, which is awesome. It’s not enough to sate my craving,but it’s a start.

I wouldn’t recommend buying a product like this online, though. It’s going to wind up crushed into tiny pieces, not wonderful flakes that are the perfect combination of crunch and softness. If you can’t find it, look a  little harder. This cereal has been pretty readily available, so that’s a plus for me. Every time I’ve finished a box, I’ve gotten another one. Now, I’m normally the type of person who switches cereal after every box runs out, so I think this says how much I love this cereal.

I guess I really should have written an ode to this cereal in Shakespeare style. d= But I’m too busy enjoying a bowl.

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  1. Hunter-m3 August 6 2013 @ 8:31 pm

    Wow. I’m surprised you like this so much. I’ve had them and almost disliked them, but I guess chocolate cereal is probably an acquired taste because I have never really liked chocolate cereals. Except Reese’s Puffs

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