Clean & Clear MORNING BURST Fruit Infusions Facial Hydrating Cleanser

Date Mon, February 6 2012
Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Facial Hydrating Cleanser

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Facial Hydrating Cleanser

When it was time to buy a new facial cleanser, I decided that maybe I would try something new. I have to hand it to Clean & Clear in that the entire Fruit Infusions line smells amazing. Seriously, amazing. I would have been happy with the scent of any of them; although, each one has a slightly different purpose.

The hydrating cleanser features pineapple, coconut, and açaí in a yellow pump bottle. It smells diving, really. I’m a big fan of coconut and pineapple and you can really smell those ingredients. I’m not sure what acai berry actually smells like and I can’t detect a lot of berry in the cleanser but I’m okay with that.

The pump bottle works well but it’s a little bulky when compared with similar products. On the bright side, its size and color make it easy to find in the shower, especially if you’re bleary-eyed in the morning. The pump dispenses the thick creamy cleanser almost too well. A full pump really gives me a lot of product so I try to only push it halfway down or so.

Because this cleanser is a cream, it feels a bit odd. I’m more a fan of foaming facial cleansers or gels. It doesn’t really lather as much as it spreads around and this makes my skin feel a little less clean but this may just be a weird personal habit. The bottle states that this contains strawberry seeds, which I assume are intended to be exfoliants. They are in there but there’s only ever one or two in each pump so it doesn’t feel very effective to that end. I would still use a daily toner or weekly exfoliator with this product.

At the end of the day, its effectiveness is the most important part and I am torn. I broke out a lot when I first switched to this cleanser and my skin felt greasy by the end of the night. After a few weeks, this has stopped, thankfully. I’m not dealing with any major break-outs. However, I feel like some of the Neutrogrena face washes I have used are just a bit more effective at clearing up my skin and in a shorter time frame.

In terms of hydration, I can’t complain. My skin feels soft — perhaps softer than usual — and hydrated enough but I always use a daily moisturizer so, even in the winter, my face isn’t as dry as other parts of my body.

So would I buy Clean and Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions cleanser again? Maybe. I’d probably like to try the other scents but I’m not sure if it’s worth the money if other products that I’ve used work at a better price.

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  1. amanda August 22 2012 @ 9:57 am

    i use this one but with the strawberry i got it cause i got it free with a coupon it does alright but i agree with you other things work better

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