Codigo Cube

Date Thu, February 14 2013
codigo cube

codigo cube

Every once in a while I run into a new product that is really different. It piques my interest for different reasons. Codigo Cube was one of those products. It’s a game that uses QR codes, so it certainly attracted my techie side. It’s also convenient because all you need is your smartphone (potentially iPod Touch or similar device) and the die. This makes it super portable. I like that. I keep meaning to put it in my purse but haven’t remembered to, yet.

When you purchase Codigo Cube, you just get a package with the die. You’ll need to first download the free app from your respective app store. There’s a QR code on the package, so you’ll already need a reader on your phone. It doesn’t matter which one. I use QR Droid on my One V. Plenty of other apps exist, though. Once you scan the package, you’re taken directly to the official site. I do feel as though this isn’t the best way to go about this. Two QR codes — one for each app store — would be easier. Otherwise, you’re left scrolling through the actual website to find the links, and I don’t feel like this is the easiest way to go about it on your phone. Of course, you can push those apps to your phone from your computer beforehand.

Codigo Game Types

Codigo Game Types


There are two Codigo apps listed in the Play store if you just perform a search. While the incorrect one says it’s no longer updated, I think it shows up before the correct one. Make sure you grab the right one. I’m not sure if the difference, but I’ll discuss it more below. This is only compatible with

Once you get the app and cube, gameplay couldn’t be easier. You roll the die, scan the code and the app loads a random trivia question from the website. You cannot play without an Internet question because this is based on the Codigo website. I would LOVE to see this changed, however. It would make the app bulkier, but it would mean you can play it anywhere even when you’re not connected.

Anyway, the gameplay is ultimately that you want to get the most trivia right before your partner does. There are three different modes

  1. 6 Random Categories
  2. Categories You Pick
  3. Quick Play — 6 common categories
Codigo Category Choices

Codigo Category Choices

You have to scan your QR cube first before you see this screen. I think the screen should show up first.

If you pick your own categories, the options include:

  • Sports
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • General knowledge
  • Entertainment
  • World Religion
  • Famous Quotes
  • Food and drinks
  • Strange and bizarre
  • Business
  • Geekology

Of course, I love the last as a geek myself. There’s a good mix of book-smart and entertaining categories. Each of the six categories will correspond to one size of the Codigo Cube. When you roll, you answer a question in that category. The ultimate goal is to answer a question in each category before your partner; although, the game has a single player option. I love this.

So you need to scan the die every time you roll it. With any QR code, adequate lighting, a stable hand and correct distance from the code are necessary. I find that I often hold my phone too close. Oops. All the codes were printed correctly, though. Some Amazon reviewers had issues with printing, so I hope those have all been worked out.

Codigo Turns and Score

Codigo Turns and Score

However, I did run into some snags. Remember how I said that there were two aops in the market? As it turns out, I just cannot get the correct/updated app to let me choose more than one player, so I have to use the old one. I also don’t think that it’s especially mobile-friendly to have to be touching these tiny little check and drop-down boxes. This is fairly easily fixed by making the categories selectable and increasing the size of that drop-down box, though.

Once you get players selected and names entered, you’re good to go. The games are relatively short with a few people, but the luck of the roll means it could go on for some time. If you roll a color that you’ve already answered, you still need to go through the steps.

I’ll be honest and tell you that there are some categories that I’m not very good at — like sports — but this means everyone gets a fair chance, especially if they pick their own categories. Once you fill up the six slots, you’re pronounced the winner. The app has links to post to Facebook and Twitter, but these go to the mobile sites. A way to share with the actual social apps, which you probably have on your phone, would be more convenient.

Awkward return screen

Awkward return screen

Although I’m not over the moon for having to be online, the fact that this is based on the Codigo website means that they can simply update the site rather than the app to add new questions. However, I did run into one where the answer was completely wrong. I have since misplaced my note, but the friend that I was playing with and I were confused for a moment.

One thing I’d really like to see if the ability to save game scores and stats. This seems like an obvious feature for the team to work on adding.

Once your game is up or you want to end it, you need to “exit” through this door, then touch an arrow. I find these little graphics a little unpolished. A “End Game” and “Return Home” text button would work just as well. I think that sort of sums up my feelings about Codigo Cube overall. It’s clever. It’s fun, and it uses mechanisms similar to other games like Trivial Pursuit. However, it feels a little unpolished or unfinished in a way that makes some actions more complicated than they have to be. It definitely feels redundant and slow at some points. In the right crowd, you might not notice it at all, however. I did because I was working on this review.

I’d still recommend Codigo Cube and hope to see it go further to reach its full potential.

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