Colgate Luminous Toothpaste

Date Wed, January 7 2009

Colgate’s Luminous enamel strengthening toothpaste is not the worst I’ve ever had. It certainly fits the main criteria in my neverending search for the perfect toothpaste: it’s not mint. However, “not mint” alone does not make a pleasant toothpaste. Maybe toothpaste, like medicine and food, simply cannot be good for you and taste good as well. Who knows.

What I do know is Paradise Fresh comes in an appealing purplish container with pictures of some purple plant. I cannot tell whether it’s a palm tree (evoking images of paradise?) or some sort of flower. I also cannot tell what the flavour actual is besides “not mint” but strong enough that it’s not pleasant either.

However, my mouth does feel clean after brushing and the sparkly purplish-grey toothpaste itself is kind of pretty. I suppose that most of the better tasting toothpastes can’t advertise their wonderful “Fluoride Mineral Ion System” or “Silica Whitening Technology.” Compromises must be made!

As one of the only adult toothpastes I can stand, I like the idea of healthier, stronger and whiter teeth. I just wish Paradise Fresh wasn’t the least offensive flavour in the Colgate Luminous toothpaste line because it’s still pretty damned unpleasant.

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