Date Fri, October 30 2009

A long, long time ago in a Best Buy somewhere in town, Ryan bought me a Nintendo DS for my birthday. As it turns out, the WiFi has always been broken so that explains why I could never connect to any public networks. Regardless, I didn’t know and I just thought all those networks sucked. So when I discovered that Nintendo made a USB Adapter, I was excited. I could use it to play on my own network, however sucky it may be. Unfortunately, by the time word got around to me, Nintendo had stopped making it. I did find a WiFi adapter that was made in Japan but the consencus seemed to be that Nintendo stopped making their adapter cause the technology sucked in general. I mulled over the idea for months before deciding to go for it.

And now? I can play my Nintendo DS online. YEA! Well, not mine, really. Mine sucks. But I can play Ryan’s, and he can play his PSP or use his iTouch because of the PLANEX WiFi USB Adapter. Read the rest of my review.

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