Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron

Date Mon, December 3 2012
Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron

Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron

I’ve been so busy with giveaways that I may have fallen behind in reviews, but I hope you guys haven’t noticed too much. Today’s review is of one of those products that has caused me to step outside my comfort zone, if only slightly. I’ve only used a flat iron once in the past, and I didn’t do a very good job of it, but I kept seeing these Youtube videos that said you could curl your hair with a flat iron! get beachy waves! do other cool things that Cole never does with her hair! How could I pass up the opportunity?

 KQC Thermal Shine Spray

KQC Thermal Shine Spray

So, the good folks over at Flat Iron Experts sent me the Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron in funky giraffe print. I don’t mind saying that I wouldn’t have picked that print myself, but it’s definitely grown on me.  They also packed two other goodies in the box. One was a suction-cup hot iron holder, which is super useful but my bathroom doesn’t have smooth surfaces for sticking it to, so I think I’ll pass it to my best friend who also has a hot iron.

The other item, one which I’ve tried and really like, is KQC Thermal Shine Spray. It both protects hair from heat and makes it shiny without frizz. The real selling point, however, is that it smells damned good. It’s just a tad masculine, like that hot guy I really want to smell some more. I don’t know. It’s very light, so the claims that there’s no build up are true. You might opt for another product if you have a specific issue, however. Flat Iron Experts carries sprays for curly hair, to protect against the sun, to maintain color, to add volume and to texturize, just to name a few. As I was getting to know my new flat iron, I definitely thought my fine hair could use a little texture, and this might just be the motivation I need to check our more hair products.

On to the main attraction, shall we? The flat iron I received is a little bigger than one’s I’ve used in the past, and it’s got a variable temperature control that is analog. I think it would be more precise if it were digital, and I’d like it to have a thermostat to let me know when the temperature is set. According to the instructions, you should wait 60 to 90 seconds, but I think giving it a couple more minutes is best, at least, in my experience is takes a little longer.

Neither of the bars gets so hot that you can’t touch them or rest them on the counter, which is nice. The one I was given to review is 1-inch wide, which is pretty standard. If you’re aiming for bigger curls or smaller waves, then you might have multiple sizes, but I’m not so picky. ;)

Long and lean like a giraffe?

Long and lean like a giraffe?

The control is in between the bars, so the exterior profile is clean and contemporary. Don’t worry, it’s not close enough to the heated metal that it could burn you. However, I couldn’t get a decent picture because of the angle, sorry. It’s easy to figure out, too. Just flip the switch on and set your temperature where you want it. I hit the Internet to find suggestions, and a website said I should keep it below 360 degrees for my fine hair, which I did. The more coarse and thick your hair, the hotter it can be. Interestingly, longer hair generally uses wider plates, which makes sense. Smaller plates would take much longer to get anything done.

I practiced with regular straightening, and found this was easy to grasp and use, and soon my hair was frizz-free and sleek. The flat iron was also useful for turning under my ends. My hair is kind of annoying in that one side turns under just fine, while the other side flips out. Go figure, right? I also tried a few tutorials I saw online, including curling my hair and giving it beachy waves. I achieved varying degrees of success due to my inexperience and shorter hair. A styling product with more hold would also help but, overall, I was pleased with the results, and will continue to be moreso as I get better.

Of course, I didn’t take a picture while using it because I’m not that talented, but I never managed to burn myself at all. I remember my mother’s curling iron, which I always burned myself on, but this design makes it a lot more difficult. I’m also  a little reluctant to post pictures until I master the skill, which will take some time. However, I’m having a good time experimenting. I’ve been impressed with the lack of frizz and have notice no drying or other side effects from the heat, so I’m likely to keep using the flat iron over and over.

The flat iron has a couple nice features, including a swivel cord that makes it easy to use. The cord never got in my way. You can also register your product with the company, which is a nice touch.

I’m happy with the ease of use, and other folks have given this one plenty of positive reviews on Flat Iron Experts.

Thanks to Flat Iron Experts for sponsoring this review!

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  1. Heather S December 4 2012 @ 8:55 pm

    Thanks for the great review, I may just get this for my younger sister for Christmas. She would love the print!

  2. Thomas Murphy December 5 2012 @ 2:30 pm

    My GF has this, she loves it!

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