Crazy For Da Bird

Date Wed, October 29 2008

So my kitty loves to play. Loves. He gets a little rough about it because he just doesn’t know any better. We bought a bunch of toys when we got him and he loved some for a wile, then forgot abut them. Or vice versa – the ones he didn’t show interest in at first suddenly became exciting. He loves his little catnip mice the most but they keep disappearing under the appliances. I did a little browsing online, looking for something to distract his attention away from our bodies, tire him out so he would sleep at night and keep him interested. I found Da Bird.

Da Bird seems like a simple concept: a flexible metal rod encased in plastic, a connecting elastic-y string with attached feathers. It may almost be too simply because it seems like we spend a lot of time looking for more complex toys that our pets ignore. The feather attachment is replaceable and the feathers themselves are real and arranged in such a way that they have the aerodynamic appearance of a bird in motion.

Phantom just loves it. He is already active but this thing gets his attention and keeps it. He is doing jumps and flips and somersaults. He even did a back flip from the floor onto the chair chasing this thing. I play that he has to catch it so I cannot immediately pull it back up to 5 times. I think I overdid it the first day; we played to 20 and he slept the rest of the day, something he has never done. So, as a toy that will attract a cat rather than our hands and tire him out, this is great. If you have a cat who plays during the night, a round before bed might be just what the vet ordered.

As others had said it quickly needs to be replaced, I tucked it away in the closet when we weren’t playing. My kitty didn’t freak out when I went to open the door but as soon as he would see me bring it out, he would get excited. It seemed like every time we used it, he liked it even more. I was actually a little disappointed the first time but, after that, Phantom really liked it more. It got to the point where he would catch Da Bird and I would just let him run off with it because I could not pull it free. However, after letting him do this, he managed to break off the bird and I will have to replace the whole unit which isn’t a huge deal but it something I will watch for next time.

Da Bird doesn’t take a look of effort from you, but you will need to swing it around so it catches the air. However, it’s very light weight so it definitely will tire the kitty out before you. Don’t be surprised if your DaBird starts looking pretty tired itself. With how much the cat swats and bites at it, the feathers start looking pretty gross. This is a downfall to us because, now that he has broken off the feathers, he continues to play with the feathers and brings them in bed with us. Ick.

At least he likes it. And that was really the whole point. I think this toy could be a bit durable but, considering that it accomplishes everything I was looking to do, I still give Da Bird Kudos.

Helpful Hint: When playing with Da Bird, don’t worry about making it easy for your cat to catch, he will work for it!

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