Crazy Girl holiday gift Set

Date Thu, March 21 2013
Crazy Girl Holiday Gift Set

Crazy Girl Holiday Gift Set

Sometimes I find a product that I love so much that I won’t consider going back to whatever I was using before. That was the case with the Crazy Girl body spray in pink cupcake. It was crazy sweet, delicious and all feminine. I used to an entire bottle and lamented that so few retailers carried it. Fortunately, EdenFantasys has thisgift set  that has a few products in that scent in addition to some other awesomely-scented products.

So, the body spray. It’s awesome. A little too much if you’re not totally into sweet like I am. The beginning of the bottle sprays rather violently, so be careful. It actually hit my skin so hard that it frothed up at one point. I don’t mind, the more the merrier.

The massage candle comes in a cute heart-shaped tin, has the same pink label and scent. In the container, before lighting, it smells amazingly like the body spray. However, it shifts after burning and starts to smell just a little bit more like, well, a burning candle. I’m sure you’ve all had the products. I’m generally not a fan of massage candles because I’d rather just grab a bottle of lotion or oil and use that, instead. If you’re new to massage candles, then you don’t have to worry that they’ll burn you. The wax is incredibly soft. You can dent it with your nail. This makes for a low melting point, and it’s only warm as it glides across your skin. This makes for a sensual massage.

The problem with this particular candle is that the wax is thick and sticky. I don’t want it on me. It doesn’t aid massage.  It’s difficult to wash off. Sadly, this isn’t the first time a massage candle has turned out like this. You just never know until you try.

Still, I love other things in this set, like the lip balm. Like, I really, really like it. I mean, it’s a simple little balm in a tube. It’s got the same pink label, which I think looks slightly less professional with this particular piece of the set. It has SPF 15, which is awesome. It’s got this sweet, fruity banana smell that’s hard to describe, but I love it. What’s even better? It tastes good, too. The sweetness is a little artificial but, overall, it’s fantastic. I always lick it off my lips.

Another pink cupcake product is the shaving cream, which comes in a handy pump bottle with a cap. This makes travel and storage that much easier, so I appreciate it. It smells amazing, and the cream really makes anything it touches feel soft and moist after I shave. So, my hands always feel amazing. However, the formula is a little thin and likes to wash away in the shower, so you might want to turn down the water pressure first. I’ve noticed that anyplace I shave feels better out of the shower than directly in it. Unfortunately, I bought new razors and I don’t really like them, so I didn’t get quite the shave that I want. A closing note about this shaving cream: while it’s good, it doesn’t eliminate the leg itchiness that I sometimes get after shaving. This isn’t a deal breaker, though.

The final product is an “oral sex gel.” It’s just a flavored lube. It’s a delicious strawberry flavor, a bright pink color and not something I’m opposed to. It’s just not the type of product I’d normally use, nor have I had opportunity to. I am sure it would work just fine, but even if I hated it, this gift set is really quite awesome.

It all comes in a vinyl bag with black trim. The top is a stiff black mesh with a ribbon that cinches it all together, which means you actually could present it as a gift to someone without anything else. You can purchase it for $32 at EdenFantasys right now. Remember, you can save 15% on all your orders with partner code 9br.

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