Now That’s Good Customer Service!

Date Tue, July 28 2015

I don’t always get a chance to write about the things that companies do right, so I thought I’d let you in on three recent experiences that blew my mind with their positivity.


I recently bought some stuff from Dez off of her Amazon wishlist after her house flooded. it was several hundred dollars worth of stuff that was separated into three shipments, with one shipment containing the bulk of her items. Because she wasn’t living at her home, she wasn’t sure that it was delivered. Several weeks after supposed delivery, we talked because she hadn’t found the package.

I contacted Amazon, who replied with me and verified her address well within the 120-hour period, on a weekend! By the time she realized she had received the packaged with some other things and I had a chance to reply, the money was already refunded into my PayPal account. Swift!

Madison Reed

Madison Reed Hair ColorThis company has always had really good customer service, and I like the product, too, if you remember my review. However, I canceled my subscription last year because I don’t frequently dye my hair. Due to a glitch, I received an email saying my shipment had been schedule. I called them up in confusion, and even though it had only been a few minutes since the email, the rep on the phone knew about the glitch and had everything prepared to allay my fears.

She told me I shouldn’t receive anything but if I did, I could just keep it. I later received an email stating they were sending out lotion in apology. That was already above and beyond, but I did receive a box of hair dye, which I might as well use.

I’m also an affiliate for Madison Reed, and love to recommend them. Right now, you can save 50% off your first box of hair color from Madison Reed.

Virgin Mobile

Finally, I’d like to talk about the company I go through for phone services. Although I’ve had some issues, I have a smart phone I like with 4G access for under $50 per month, which is pretty good. Today, I logged in to my email to see that I now have unlimited calling and up to 3GB of 3G/4G service before throttling starts.

This is a nice increase the keeps my plan on par with some of the newer plans. And while I’d like to see more phone options in the near future, it makes Virgin Mobile a better choice for me. It’s nice to know I can be rewarded for being a customer.

You can sign up and we’ll both earn $25 through this link.┬áKeep in mind that VM runs on Sprint’s networks and won’t be as good for people where those networks are clogged or non-existent.

I always like to spread the word about companies that are doing right because it’s so easy to focus on what’s wrong!

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