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For a while, I’ve been an affiliate for CustomInk, a site where you can design your own t-shirts and accessories. I always forget what they sell, however. Every single time, my mind thinks they do tattoos. Not through the Internet! LOL

Anyway, CustomInk differs from CafePress or what-have-you because you can get started right away. Before starting this review, I had never used the site before. It took less than 5 minutes for me to complete a design I liked, screencap it and start writing this review. If you forget my foray into Youtube music land, haha.

When you start on CustomInk, you choose between a single design or that for a group. So if you’re like me and want to create a nifty feminist shirt, you can do so by picking a single design. If you’re making shirts for your little league team, then go ahead for the group options. It’s up to you, and you can increase quantity later.

The designer is relatively easy to use; although, I found that some menus and options required a manual click to open or close them. A hover option would have been less work, but like I said, it only took a few minutes.

Swapping Items on Custom Ink

Swapping Items on CustomInk

The default option is a white, unisex t-shirt. Of course, I had to change that to a girly option. You can click  “Swap Item” to switch to another style or even to an entirely different product — such as shorts. CustomInk organizes items by category, so I was looking in ladies’ tees and tanks. I chose a tank top by Bella. I like all the shirts I have printed on Bella, and I’ve had a chance to try a few different “blanks” thanks to my t-shirt reviewing and shopping at geek t-shirt sites.

I actually wound up choosing an item that it only available for a count of 6 or more. I was able to complete my design, but the site warned me when I wanted to move forward. It looks like it’s just the most basic tees that are available for a single shirt, which is okay but I’d love if I could have chosen from any of the tank tops. Because it switched back to a single-count after the process, I’m not sure what blank I wound up with. It looks pretty identical to the American Apparel tee that I chose when I went through a second time.

The blank you choose determines the colors you can use, so if you want your shirt to be a specific shade of sage, you might be out of luck if you only want a single shirt.

Adding Text to Your Tee

Adding Text to Your Tee

After choosing the item, you can go ahead and add text or shapes. I only opted for text, and added a slogan I Googled because I was, to be quite honest, too lazy to think of something myself! CustomInk enables you to choose color, font face, alignment size, rotation/direction, outline and shape. I really like how there was a guide on the tool that showed you the general area where text is printed. It helped me keep my text centered.

There was no option to apply specific styles to a specific word/selected word. I think you can add multiple pieces of text, but that obviously makes it more difficult. I would have liked the option to make the text bold, italic, et cetera. There are a fair amount of options to choose from, however. There are scripty fonts, sport fonts, hand writing fonts and about 40 font colors.

If you want to add a shape, you can click on the next tab. I didn’t, but you can select from predefined shapes or even upload your own logo. Handy! There are a ton of options. Just searching for “heart” brought up dozens. I didn’t have the patience to browse them all ,but they’re organized by category.

Both text and shapes have a nice “center object” button!

Finally, you can add names and numbers on the back, which is obviously useful when you’re making shirts for a team or club. This feature is available for groups of 6 or more. I skipped this one, too.

My result was a girly fit black tee with pink text. As I wrapped up the creator, I was able to order the shirt in multiple sizes — great for teams.

My finished t-shirt from Custom Ink

My finished t-shirt from CustomInk

The tool determined this would cost $24.05 each after entering my size and zip code. It’s not a bad price, really. I’m willing to bet there’s discounts if you buy more than one.

I don’t have a whole lot of use for this type of service all the time, but the options are nice if I ever will need it.

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