Date Thu, March 18 2010

Danactive is like a shot of yogurt. It’s really kind of odd in its tiny and only a fraction of the size of Activia drinks. It’s also not yogurt-y in texture; it’s like a thin, yogurt-flavoured cream and I am not a huge fan of the texture. It also isn’t as filling as a smoothie or regular yogurt so it’s not an amazing substitute for breakfast.

It does serve multiple purposes, however. It advertises strengthening “your body’s natural defenses” with a bacteria called L. casei which is supposed to fair better against stomach acid so more of it finds its way to the intestinal track -where most of the immune system exists – and can do its work (which is fighting unhealthy bacteria). Danactive can also be considered as a probiotic because of the concentration of bacteria but there are no real claims as to what Danactive can do. It may be coincidental but I had a couple of cold sores clear up quickly after drinking Danactive for a couple days.

Like similar products, Danactive can be purchased in several flavours (vanilla, strawberry, strawberry banana, etc) and is also available in Light. I am not a big fan of the flavour I tried: Mixed Berry (which is a light version). Combined with the texture, it was just an unpleasant experience and I was glad when I ran out of Danactive. Other, similar yogurt products are more filling, better tasting and have a more pleasant texture so I won’t be going back to Danactive anytime soon.

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