DazzlePro Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush

Date Fri, August 16 2013

Guys, I’ve used a regular toothbrush all my life. I mean, I tried some with those plastic bristles once, but it was just weird. I don’t even like those flossing stick things. I guess you could call me old fashioned.

But not anymore!

You see, I’ve finally tried an electric toothbrush, and I am hooked. It’s got me all abuzz. And making terrible puns. I am not sorry.

Elite Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer

Elite Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer

Elite Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer

So I was sent the Elite Sonic Toothbrush from DazzlePro to review, and let me tell you how strange it was to use my first electric toothbrush. First, it tickled. Then, I managed to mash the hard plastic part into my teeth. I still haven’t mastered brushing my teeth without splattering all over the place. Eww. I’m sorry.

I still like it, though. After a few brushings, my mouth got use to how it feels and I no longer feel uncomfortable when I brush. I’ve even managed to stop beating up my teeth. I got the hang of things, so I could get used to the features of this toothbrush, and there’s a couple things that I really like.

For starters, there’s three settings. I stick to the regular cleaning mode because I’m simple like that and the pulsation still tickles in a way that I just can’t handle. A button turns on the brush and another cycles through the three settings. You’ll know which one is one because of the LED light. Regular brushing is the first light. This setting automatically turns off after 2 minutes, which is awesome. It pauses briefly every 30 seconds because most people brush their teeth in 30 second intervals/four parts. I actually do it in three parts, so I’ve had to adjust. LOL

The instructions say to just hold the head against each tooth for a few seconds before moving to the next. I’ll be honest, I still brush. some habits are just hard to break, okay? Jeez!0

The head is actually a little smaller than some toothbrushes I’ve used, and it has the tongue brushing bumps on the other side.  The heads actually detach, and the kit comes with three. Each has a different colored “collar,” so the whole family can use one toothbrush. As a single person, I could let my friends use my toothbrush if they felt yucky and I wouldn’t have to worry.

dazzlepro heads

DazzlePro, Heads and Charging Base

What I absolutely love about the Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush is that the charging base includes a holder for up to four heads, and when you close the lid, it sanitizes your toothbrushes with UV light. Now, we all know that if you leave your toothbrushes out in your bathroom, well, there’s just about no worse place to leave them. So even having the storage space is awesome. The brushes sit in a little caddy that you can remove but I’m not exactly sure why you would. I guess they call it a “drip cup” and you could clean it, but I haven’t yet.

The charging base is pretty neat in itself. There’s no open ports, so you don’t have to worry about  getting the toothbrush wet. This is awesome because I am so sloppy when I brush my teeth. It’s embarrassing. sometimes painful. According to the manual, an hour and a half should give you a full charge, and there’s an indicator on the base.  A full charge should last “two weeks” but I’m not sure whether this is two or three brushings per day. Either way, I just let it charge the 8 minutes that it takes to sanitize the heads every morning while I’m in the shower.

I won’t lie and say that I feel as clean as going to the dentist, but my mouth is definitely clean enough for a home brushing. There’s no real complaints that I have except that one of my heads wasn’t molded quite right, so it doesn’t fit seamlessly onto the toothbrush. I’d be more concerned if I was more than one person though.

If you’re interested in your own DazzlePro, you can head over the store and score a sweet deal if you enter the coupon code DAZCOLE. You’ll save 70%. That’s right, the price drops from $250 to just under $75. It doesn’t get any better than that, folks!

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  1. Jeff April 13 2014 @ 4:24 pm

    I got one as a gift. First of all there was suppose to be a number to register it with but I never got one. They say the battery will last for 2 weeks. I got it brand new and it only lasted 3 to 4 days. I emailed them about the issue and they didn’t respond after they said they will look up my gifter’s transaction with them on Jan.10th so I asked them if they found it yet. They responded Jan. 20 and said they sent me a new battery. I get a new email Feb. 3 saying they sent out my battery. I got it about 3 to 5 days later. I tried to turn it on it was dead. I put it in the charger and it wouldn’t charge for at least 3 to 4 minutes sitting in the charger. Once it was fully charged hours later it lasted only a minute and a half. Now my battery that lasted for 3 to 4 days is only lasting a few hours at a time. So pretty soon My toothbrush won’t work at all. They just use false advertising to sell a toothbrush that most of the time doesn’t work at all.

  2. Cole April 13 2014 @ 5:08 pm

    I’m sorry to hear about your issue. I actually wrote a followup review because my LED light died and they were awesome about sending a new bulb quickly. There’s a 1-year warranty, so I expect they should have replaced the whole unit. Obviously, you got a defective model, which occasionally happens. After 6 months, my battery still works fine. I charge it every day for a few minutes — just enough to let the UV light work — and unplug it. I would say that with twice a day brushing, I only have to do a longer charge about once per month, which is much better than what you’re running into. You might try contacting them on Twitter or Facebook as publicity gets companies into gear more often than not.

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