DazzlePro Smilepacks

Date Thu, October 31 2013
Whiten your teeth with DazzlePro Smilepacks

Whiten your teeth with DazzlePro Smilepacks

I often get compliments on my smile, and even though I don’t feel like my teeth are all that white, I’ll take any compliment I get. Actually, I don’t frequently whiten. My experience has only been with some samples I got in the mail, which stuck to my teeth. I was not a fan and opted not to write a review because it was free. However, I was interested when it came to the DazzlePro Smilepacks. As you’ll recall, I was a fan of the electric toothbrush that I reviewed a while back.

I got a sample of one Smilepack, which is a gel tray that you put in your mouth. It comes sealed, which is awesome. After tearing it open,  I was a little curious as to how it worked, but as soon as I placed it in my mouth, I understand. There’s a single tray to both your upper and lower teeth, and you bite down on a center portion. The result looks liking like when you would place an orange wedge in your mouth at lunchtime as a kid.

I like the design, but I found the squishy material to just be a bit big for my mouth. I have a tiny jaw, you see. So while I can close my mouth over this, it’s a tight fit. It also meant that keeping the Smilepack in my mouth for twenty minutes led to some jaw soreness. The sticky strips might be annoying, but they’re a better fit for a person like me. Dazzlepro does make separate trays for upper and lower teeth, which might be a better fit for me.

I did notice a slight minty flavor, which probably makes the experience a little easier. However, I quickly noticed that the tray was collecting saliva, which is to be expected. Furthermore, it was too big for me to swallow, and I’m not sure that you’ll want to swallow something that contains a lot of peroxide. When I took the tray out, it was pretty messy.

The directions say to stop use if you experience any negative side effects. It did make my fillings tingle. The sensitivity remained after I removed the tray. If you know that you’re allergic to any of the following, this product isn’t for you:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Kosher Glycerine
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Carbomer
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Triethanolamine

Smilepacks  has a higher 16% concentration of peroxide, so they’ll work in 20 minutes according to the website. As for my experience, the peroxide-based product did make a noticeable impression, and I didn’t even leave it in the whole time due to the less-than-stellar fit.  The peppermint left a minty taste in my mouth. When you pull out the tray, you’re supposed to throw them it after a single use. It does seem like a lot of waste in my opinion. The instructions say to rinse your mouth and not to eat any foods containing dyes for two hours, so be careful.

I feel like if you’re cheap and want to whiten your teeth, you could come up with a DIY peroxide solution. It wouldn’t be quite as convenient, no, but it might be better for people like me with small mouths. You could also play with the concentration if the solution isn’t diluted enough for you. While this product worked, it wasn’t the ideal product for me, and I don’t see myself using it on a regular basis. However, it might be nice before a big event where you know photos will be taken.

For more sensitive mouths, you can try the 7-day Smilepacks, which have a lower concentration of peroxide. The normal price is $129.99 for a week’s worth, but code Cole817C  will take off 70%, so you’re only paying $39!

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