DazzlePro Sonic Toothbrush [Followup Review]

Date Mon, March 17 2014
DazzlePro Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush

DazzlePro Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush

This week is all about having a healthy smile that glows! Remember my glowing review of the DazzlePro Sonic Toothbrush? I really like it, and I continued to use it multiple times per day. However, I noticed that the UV light stopped working a week or two ago.

So I contacted the folks at DazzlePro at clientservice@dazzlepro.com, and they quickly replied. I would like to note that I got this email address from their Facebook page. The website tells you to email info@Dazzlepro, I believe, but I got no response. Hopefully they get that updated.

After verifying the date that I received the toothbrush, they quickly sent me a replacement bulb. You’ve got a year’s worth of protection should something like this happen with your DazzlePro Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush. It’s been about 6 months since I wrote that first review so I was covered.

The lightbulb was easy to replace, too. You simply lift the drip cup with the replacement brush heads straight up to access the bulb. Then, pull the bulb straight up. It’s like a larger version of a light on a strand of holiday lights, actually. The replacement bulb has two wires that go straight into the holes in the toothbrush base. Replace the drip cup, close the cover and plug it in.

The replacement lightbulb worked, and now my toothbrushes are sanitized again. Yay!

I really appreciated the promptness of working with Dazzlepro’s customer service, and this makes me think that the DazzlePro Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush is even more worth it.

Right now, you can use coupon code “DAZCOLE” to get your DazzlePro toothbrush for less than $75!

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