Date Fri, December 11 2015

Some of you may have noticed me mentioning Dealspotr in some recent posts, or you may have noticed the newest badge in my sidebar, which announces that I am a brand ambassador for the website. In this post, I want to give my readers a bit more information on what Dealspotr is and how it might be useful for them.

Dealspotr is a site where you can browse coupons and sales for different retailers. It’s much like RetailMeNot, which I have used and blogged about in the past. I’ve only used RetailMeNot as a consumer, however. I’ve not submitted any codes or sales.

But when Dealspotr approached me with an opportunity to become an ambassador, I took a look and decided I liked the site enough to join up. As an ambassador, I am paid to be active and promote the website, but I’ve found myself being far more active than I can – mostly because it’s a little fun.

Dealspotr has a point and leveling system for contributors who add deals, comment and vote on other deals. Within a few days, I had moved up two levels and cashed out two Amazon gift cards, which I was able to apply to a new phone and some Christmas presents. Awesome!

I’ve seen a lot of change with the site in these last few weeks, and almost all of it has been good. The layout has become easier to use and features – such as liking a deal – more clear. Because the folks reached out to bloggers like myself, there’s an active base of users adding coupons and sales every day.

One thing I find myself doing in particular is adding sales for individual items that you can score at a great price because of a non-coupon sale. I’ve begun using Dealspotr as my own resource as a savvy consumer, and you better believe I like to save!

Not everything is perfect with Dealspotr. Nothing is ever perfect, of course. I’ve been able to recommend new stores and make suggestions. One thing I’ve specifically suggested is a way to keep it fun for contributors who are ranking up. After reaching level 3, that progress definitely slows, even if you’re pretty active. The team was very responsive to my ideas, which is unfortunately unexpected in today’s world.

I really like how easy it is to talk with folks behind the scenes at Dealspotr. They’re looking for feedback and seem to take it seriously. So while not every feature or change might be ideal, I know that change is in the works, and this creates the potential for Dealspotr to stand apart and rise above competition.

You can browse any of the deals without signing up, but signing up and adding codes helps you earn points for Amazon gift cards, so why not? You can register with Dealspotr through this link, which signs you up under me with 200 free points. Don’t forget to follow me @ReviewsByCole. Let me know your name in the comments below if you do sign up. Or tell me what you think of Dealspotr if you’ve been using it for a while!

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