DermaE Hydrating Facial Wipes and Single Use Mask Variety Pack

Date Tue, February 13 2018

For last month’s ambassador box from DermaE, the company kept with their intent to help us keep moisturized as winter toils on.  And boy, is it toiling. Anyone else sick of this season? Me, too!

But on with this review.

DermaE is looking out for me. They sent me their Hydrating Facial Wipes. Pretty kind of them if I do say so myself.

These wipes remove makeup and dirt while keeping your skin hydrated. I like that they’re gentle, and I enjoy the smell. It reminds me a bit of cucumber. It’s just very fresh. Some people might find the smell too strong. If you’re sensitive to smells I would keep away.

The wipes remove makeup well, except for my mascara. But that’s to be expected. I wear tubing mascara, which comes off in the shower.

Hydrating wipes shouldn’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry, and I am happy to report that this isn’t the case. My skin actually does feel moist after using them and not uncomfortably so.

I’ll keep using the wipes during this cold, dry spell. I just wish they were a little cheaper. But you get a vegan product, and I am sure many wipes are not.

Single Use Mask Variety Pack

Single Use Mask Variety Pack

This box also contains the Single Use Mask Variety Pack, a 3-pack of face masks to try. The masks included in this set are the:

Each pack is pretty big. You can get 2-3 applications out of it if you seal the foil up and don’t let it dry out.

You may remember the purifying mask that I tried a bit ago. It’s charcoal-based and designed to exfoliate. It dried quickly, tingling as it did.

Like the purifying mask, the Firming Clay Mask is tingly and dries quickly. The package describes this as magnetic, claiming that it helps remove impurities and firm skin. To be honest, loose skin isn’t something I was really concerned with. I just wanted to try it out.

Both of the DermaE masks I’ve tried thus far have seemed a little harsh on my skin. It’s red when I rinse it off, and while it doesn’t last, I might like something a little more gentle. It could be that they both contain products that exfoliate. This ingredient in the firming mask is Adzuki Beans.

I wouldn’t describe the smell of the Firming Clay Mask as gentle, either. The spearmint is pretty overwhelming, especially to me who isn’t a fan of mint. If I had to choose between the firming or purifying masks, I would definitely choose the purifying because it isn’t minty.

The last mask is Vitamin C Brightening Clay Mask that DermaE has designed to brighten skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. There are no exfoliants in this mask, but you will find a couple antioxidants.

Finally, I tried the Vitamin C mask. It was a bold yellow in the package, and I could definitely smell the citrus, not that I minded. This one contained no exfoliants and seemed to be the least harsh on my skin. It might have been a bit red when I first took it off after it dried, but it didn’t last. I also prefer that it didn’t tingle or anything. That was just a bit too intense for me.

As expected, my skin felt super soft after using the Vitamin C mask.

If you’re interested in trying any of these masks, the 3-pack is a great set that lets you dabble without purchasing the full product. If you’re like me and don’t love every mask you try, then you’re not committed.

DermaE also sells multipacks of the Firming and Vitamin C masks by themselves, so you can get a few more treatments if you prefer one mask over the others. The Purifying Charcoal Mask appears to be the only one that is sold on its own; although, that could always change.

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