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Date Thu, October 15 2009

My experience with purchasing DeviantArt Prints Shop is two fold. On the one hand, the site provides me with a plethora of affordable options and allows me to buy from artists. I appreciated this after finding nothing that I really liked in my price range via Google or Amazon. On DeviantArt, I could buy a print for less than $10 if I wanted to. There’s also boundless possibilities. Some photos can be had in over a dozen different sizes. Most works can be had as photo prints, canvas prints (stretched, ready to hang or frame) or fine art prints (framed prints on canvas or paper). Of course, fine art prints cost much more but they still seem to be a steal compared to Amazon and such. If you aren’t actually into art but like a piece, specialty products like coffee mugs, mouse pads, magnets and more are available.

rustyfallSo I was glad to find a print that I really liked. All I had to do was choose was type of product I wanted and I opted for photo print. At the same time, I bought a frame and mat to fit an 8″x10″ photo so I looked for that size. This is where I hit my first and, really, the only snag in shopping at DeviantArt. When you choose size, you are choosing size of the paper a deviation is printed on, not the actual size of the image. Because of specific ratios, your image may be smaller than than the paper so you will see a border which will actually exist. Because you also cannot view it face to face or even in 1:1 size, it’s difficult to tell how larger that border is. I knew my mat would overlap at least 1/2″ but I didn’t know if the borders would be larger than that.

I bit the bullet and purchased the print anyway. Of course, it turned out that it didn’t fit. Despite overlap of the mat, the border was too large and showed through on the sides. Height-wise, it fit just fine, however. When I contacted DeviantArt, I suggested they employ some way that they could minimize this issue and I was told very few people have troubles with it. That response was snippy and rude because I believe my concern to be valid. You do have to guess as to the size of the borders and even if you can see it, you cannot line it up with your specific frame or mat to see if it will fit. Granted, you could purchase it framed from the shop or you could cut your own mat but my situation would have been a bit improved had DeviantArt tried to take out the guesswork.

I was able to send to print back, on my dime (but it was cheap), to get a refund. Unfortunately, they do not have an automated refund system so I had to get this information from customer service who then had to alert another department. Although I used delivery confirmation, it did not show up as confirmed on the USPS site and I had to contact customer service again. I think it’s worth mentioning that, during this time, they switched their help set up. The customer service rep verified that the print had been received and a refund issued; however, I was never alerted and that seems like a pretty common sense thing to do.

I bought my new, slightly larger print (8.5″ x11″ – for one damned cent more LOL) and it shipped quickly. It arrived in a tube type package, was rolled up and wrapped in plastic. It was in good shape and I was relieved that it fit my mat, width-wise. I had to cut off a bit of the top when framing it, which I had figured would be the case so it wasn’t unexpected. In the end, it looks pretty nice. I’d love to show you a picture of it hung but I need a new cord for my camera. I might have opted for a larger size and I may even buy the rest of the images in the series. However, if I may future purchases from the DeviantArt Prints Shop, I will make an effort to purchase a print which takes up the entire page (the paper has the same ratio) so I can avoid issues like this in the future.

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