Dial Pomegranate and Tangerine Liquid Hand Soap

Date Sat, May 30 2009

So, let’s preface this, shall we? Scent is pretty much the most important thing when choosing soaps and body washes and shampoos for me. My nose is picky, just like the rest of me. If it foams or makes my hands soft or does anything special, I’ll probably think “Hey, cool” but those things are never a deal breaker. Furthermore, I tend to wash my hands a lot so if I don’t like the smell of a hand soap, it will bother me. A lot.

Dial’s Pomegranate & Tangerine hand soap bothered me. A lot. The problem was, while fruity smelling in the bottle, the scent that lingered on my hands wasn’t nearly as sweet. I mean, it seems like a pretty standard scent – a combination of fruit. It’s a kinda of tangy pink that reminds me of grapefruit. In fact, maybe it smelled more like grapefruit than “Pomegranate & Tangerine”. I cannot stand grapefruit. It smells like fruit-gone-wrong, waaaay too tart. That’s how this smelled. It was almost fruity but mostly just that heavy sour smell that I don’t like. It also didn’t have any citrus-y tangerine that I could detect.

And it seemed to stick on my hands forever. I was so glad when this run out because every time I washed my hands – did I mention that’s often? – I would cringe at the smell left on them.

So if Dial wants to repackage this soap and call it “Grapefruit”, I think it’d be more truthful and people like me, who cannot stand the smell, will know to stay away.

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