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Date Mon, July 20 2015

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know that I recently joined Dial Rewards. This is a specific rewards program from Dial, where you can complete activities for points that you can then use to enter sweepstakes and contests. If it sounds a lot like, say, Swagbucks, that’s because it is.

Registration is super easy with your email. It takes a matter of seconds, and you’ll have to check your inbox for a message with a verification link. It was less than two minutes and I was browsing Dial Rewards all signed in.

Register with Dial Rewards

Register with Dial Rewards

The UI is incredibly easy to use because it’s so straight-forward. Dial provided me with a code to earn 500 points, and there’s an entry form for codes on the top of every page. You can get points, too, with the following code: 0T2ZM.

Dial Rewards enter code

Dial Rewards enter code

According to the site, Dial will be releasing codes via their social media pages and newsletter. You might want to follow them on Facebook and Twitter if you’re interested in the rewards program.

Earning Points with Dial Rewards

With my daily sign-in and the code, I already had over 500 points. Next, it was time to see what type of activities I could participate in. I hopped over to the “Earn Points” page and watched 3 or so short videos and participated in five “surveys.” I am always hesitant because surveys are my least favorite of all those ways to earn points, but there were all a single question long. I’m not sure if there might be longer surveys in the future, but I definitely didn’t mind. Currently, all the surveys ask about Dial products and the rewards program.

Earn points with Dial Rewards

Earn points with Dial Rewards

Another way you can earn points is by sharing your personalized link to the people you know. You can earn 2,000 points for every person you invite who successfully registers, but there’s a cap at 6,000 points. Obviously, inviting three people isn’t a very difficult goal, so I wonder if this might be a daily limit?

I can also see that I’ll be able to earn rewards in the future by using coupons, but that’s not an option currently available. It would also make sense that purchasing Dial products would earn us rewards, and that’s definitely something I would recommend. Some sort of fun game might also work well.

I’ve currently participated in every activity available in the Dial Rewards program, which netted me over 7,000 points total. It was pretty effortless. With that said, I hope more activities become available soon; otherwise, I will spend all my earnings and have no reason to sign in again! When compared to other reward sites, Dial Rewards seems pretty slim. I hope it’s just because it’s so new.

Spending Your Dial Rewards Points

Spending points is just as easy as earning them within the system. Head to the “Spend Points” tab and you’ll see different ways to spend them. Right now, I have eight options split into “Instant Win” or “Sweepstakes.” I immediately tried my hand at winning Amazon gift cards instantly. You’ll select the instant win, agree to the terms, and hit “Play Now.” If you win, I assume you’ll see it. I haven’t yet.

You can only try each instant win a specific number each day before you have to stop.  In just two days, I’ve entered to win a $250 Amazon gift card (win $50 here!) 20 times and a $10 Panera gift code 15 times, respectively. This means I’ve have to click 40 times just for the Amazon card alone. I think there is some way this could be a little more fun as we’re waiting for the page to reload.

Sweepstakes end on a specified date, so you can really rack up the entries. For example, you can enter to win $1,000 in cash for 100 points per entry, and you can type in the number of entries in the form. This makes it less time consuming than the instant win prizes.

Sweepstakes on Dial Rewards

Sweepstakes on Dial Rewards

I do like that both options have a button for you to edit your contact information to ensure you’ll be notified correctly if you win. I hope that we will eventually be able to spend our points on more guaranteed wins — perhaps a coupon, gift card special gift or even Dial products. Otherwise, we’re going to be wasting time and energy with little chances of reward.  It doesn’t need to be something big, but being able to trade in points for gift cards like you can with MyPoints or Swagbucks would be great!

So far, the site works well, but I am excited to see it grow. Sign up for Dial Rewards here and use code 0T2ZM to get your first 500 points free!

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