Diane Birch “Speak A Little Louder”

Date Wed, October 16 2013
speak a little louder

speak a little louder

Diane Birch is one of those artists whom I first discovered on YouTube. Her cover of “What Is Love” is one of the top most played songs on my iPod. I think that Diane has been trying to find her voice, and on “Speak A Little Louder,” Diane seems

There are times when Diane Birch sounds an awful lot like Stevie Nicks, which isn’t an insult. While her music has a definite soulful, alternative pop sound, I could imagine her doing classic rock or even 70s-style country music. At other time, Diane takes on styles that bring to mind Siouxsie Sioux. This makes sense; the songstress release an album of goth cover songs not long ago. It would seem that she recalls some of those influences in her own work.

Overall, Speak a Little Louder seems a little like something you might’ve heard in the 80s, with some definite 70s vibes. “Pretty in Pain” especially sounds like a song you might hear on a soundtrack twenty years ago. I don’t mind, but it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of yea in 2013.

Diane’s music doesn’t necessarily follow the usual structure of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge, so I’d be surprised to ever hear it on radio, even adult alternative. However, her voice and her sound has this very raw feel. It’s a good album to listen to if you want to cry your eyes out, but it might not be the CD for you if you like your music a little more peppy.

On the whole, this album runs a little slower, and this might not be everyone’s style. I like some of the slightly-faster songs better, including “Love and War,” where the Siouxsie influence is definitely apparently. My other favorite songs are “It Plays On” and “Unfucked,” which has some great lyrics:

When you hear the gun fire, don’t listen

When you see the sky turn black keep holding

A hole in your chest where your heart used to be

Cause tomorrow will come and it might be a little more unfucked

Just a little more unfucked


I’m actually not a huge fan of the title track or lead single, “All the Love You Got.” However, you can listen to it here to make up your own mind:

Lighthouse in the dark is slightly more upbeat, and it features some interesting electronic and drumbeats. I’m not musically inclined, but this album doesn’t feel over-processed.  It’s not all autotuned. It’s just.. authentic. And I think that’s what I’d expect from Diane Birch, who has always seemed to genuine from the start. That’s the impression you get from the cover, too, which is just an image of her in a sheet.

If you’re interested in buying this, it came out on the 15th. You’ll find it on Amazon and iTunes.


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