Do you believe in magic?

Date Tue, July 29 2008

If not, then you haven’t tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Find me a person who has used this little sponge-like tool and doesn’t love it and you have found a crazy person!

Basically, this little cleaning pad works well for just about everything as die-hard fans will surely attest. The box advertises a bunch of places you might try the Mr Clean Magic Eraser pads including “ranges, refrigerators, plastic patio furniture, floor tile grout, athletic shoe soles, scuff marks and dirt from walls, floors and doors” and you can even use it to break “up tough bathroom soap scum.”

It works well for scuffs and smudges on floors and walls. I used it around the plug ins and light switches where finger and hand prints show up. If you have furniture against a wall, this will work well to get rid of any smudges; I cleaned off the marks from our bedroom door handle on the wall.

If you have kids, crayons and the like on the wall will be a breeze to clean off. Your bathroom will sparkle like new if you use it on your tub, tile and porcelain surfaces.

There is a mop, too! If your messes are extra stubborn, you can try the Extra Power cleaning pads ; although the original will probably do the trick. You can also try the Magic Eraser Duo which has 2 sides, one to penetrate surface grooves and the other to wipe up everday messes.

And the best thing is, there’s no clean up. Wet the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Pad so that it’s damp and scrub away. The dampness creates a bit of a chalky conistancy and the pad is scrubbed away as you use it so you use it all the way (or most of the way) up and there’s nothing to throw away!

If you haven’t used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Foaming Cleaner Cleaning Pads, you’re missing out!

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