Does He Cheat? Confessions from Men: 50 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

Date Fri, June 1 2012
Does He Cheat?

Does He Cheat?

I’m kind of a sucker for books with poignant titles like Does He Cheat? And I like lists, so it seemed like this book by Sterling Anderson, with insight from Stephanie Dart, was right up my alley. The format is straight-forward. It’s a list of fifty ways that men cheat and each list item contains a quote from a man about how he got away with cheating and then some words from the author on how a wife or girlfriend can circumvent this type of behavior.

As a study into the human psyche, it’s kind of interesting. The items basically fall into the category of excuses for shady behavior and tell-all signs that a man is cheating. Of course, some of the signs were so obvious that the psyche of the cheated-on it just as interesting. We can forgive so many mistakes and believe such shaky stories when we want to. Some of the thought-processes are downright ridiculous. One man explains how he would wait three days after cheating to notice if there were any signs of STDs. Yea, because that’s how it works, buddy.

With basically a page for each list item, this book took me a matter of minutes to read. There’s a lot of white space to fluff it up but it lacks solid content. It would be better suited on a website like YourTango — or something similar. Unfortunately, the book doesn’t talk about how to approach your significant other when you suspect cheating, and I think that would have been some excellent content to add. It would also lend credence to a book by opening up space for expert advise or experience. There’s a little room for that in Does He Cheat? as it stands now, but there could be more.

What the reader is left with is a bunch of reasons to be suspicious of her man and that’s not exactly healthy. Plus, Anderson’s advice is more along the lines of “throw a wrench in any plan your husband makes that doesn’t involve you to stop him from cheating.” Anyone who wants to cheat, really wants to, is going to find the time to do it. The better advice is to build a healthy relationship where you can trust one another, even when you spend time apart. A relationship where cheating doesn’t happen only because one of the partners is trying to thwart it isn’t going to last anyway. I mean, if you don’t trust that he’s actually going out to play golf with his buddies, then maybe you should spend your time doing something more productive than reading this “book”.

If you already suspect cheating, this book could make nudge you in the right direction to do something about it. If you want to be thankful that you didn’t wind up with one of the scumbags in the book, it might also prove entertaining. Just don’t expect any great insights.

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  1. amanda August 14 2012 @ 8:20 am

    this looks like a great book ill have to check it out.

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