Date Mon, December 8 2008

Well, this might be a longun’. I’ve ordered a couple times from Domino’s in the past week because I’m all alone and mostly stuck in this house. Neither time did I get pizzas. I tried both their Pasta PErfecta and Oven Baked sandwiches and am ready to add a review on both the food and service.

For starters, I used online ordering which is really easy. Of course, you’re probably familiar with their tracking system which lets you see which stage your food is in: order placed, prep, bake, box or delivery. At each step, the tracker updates to let know when the stage started and, usually, who did it. IE: James placed your food in the oven at 8:47pm.

Overall, I think this is really neat and I prefer it to ordering from a restaurant that takes over an hour and you have no idea if they’re even making your food. However, there is something wrong with the time. I am pretty sure the tracker must be manually updated by Dominos’ employees, and I understand that. However, either my clock is 15 minutes fast or they’re manipulating the time to make them look better because, according to them, my food was off for delivery before I even finished placing the order.

That aside, I like the ordering process and tracker. The tracker page even has a little feedback area so you can let them know how the food and service is.

What I really like about Domino’s, and the reason I’ll order with them over any other company for delivery, is they are fast. It takes 2 – 3 times less time for them to deliver. It’s usually right around the half hour mark; although, they don’t guarantee 30 minutes anymore for “safety” reasons. I have not ordered food with any other restaurant here which took less than an hour!

Onto the food. Domino’s hasn’t really advertised their Pasta Perfecta the way Pizza Hut has so you might not even know they have them. I had heard of them when browsing the site a while ago and decided to go with them because they had an awesome coupon on their site for Pasta Perfecta and bread sticks (coupons are another reason I love Domino’s). What I like about them is that they are smaller (and cheaper) servings that Pizza Hut’s pasta which are meant to be a family sized meal. When we order pizza together, Ryan doesn’t want pasta so this works better for me.

I ordered the Three Cheese Macaroni and Cheese and Chicken Alfredo, both which sounded good. I am a fan of Alfredo pasta but usually don’t order it because it’s too oily and not filling. I was pleasantly surprised at how scrumptious Domino’s Chicken Alfredo was. When it arrived, the sauce didn’t quite cover all the pasta so I mixed it up a bit but there was enough pasta. I would recommend more chicken, though. There definitely were some good sized pieces but more would not hurt.

However, the Macaroni and Cheese was a little disappointing. It came in a very basic yellow cheese and I could not tell if there was more than one kind at all! It was probably made with pizza cheese and I guess it just really doesn’t make a good mac’ and cheese. However, I was satisfied enough with the Chicken Alfredo.

Both pastas were quite warm and they even supplied me with forks, which I thought was nice touch.

When I ordered, I got some free coupons for Cinna Stix from the driver and she really recommended the oven baked sandwiches so that is what I ordered tonight. I got the Chicken Bacon Ranch and was really wondering if it would taste anything like the sub of the same name form Subway, which I always order when we go there.

The sandwich came on a more flat bread style Italian bread. It was definitely a denser, flatter bread than most subs but not in a bad way. I thought the bread was pretty good and there was lots of melty provolone cheese in the sandwich. (If it’s not enough for you, you can order extra cheese and meat when you place your order). There was a fair amount of chicken as well and the ingredients were spread very evenly throughout the sandwich.

However, there was too damned much bacon. I love bacon but this bacon was not really very good for a sandwich and there was too much of it so it was hard to taste the other sandwich ingredients, like the ranch dressing. Luckily, I got extra sauce and dipped but I think the bacon overpowered the sandwich and the ranch was not a strong flavour.

Overall, I did enjoy the sandwich and it was filling but, next time, I will order light on the bacon so I can better taste all of the ingredients. It was nothing like the Subway sandwiches I enjoy, but this isn’t bad.

If you’re looking for something a little different from your delivery restaurant, Domino’s Chicken Alfredo pasta and Chicken Bacon Ranch oven baked sandwich might be right up your alley. Domino’s easy to use online interface and fun tracking system will make ordering better than ever!

Helpful Hint: When ordering online, enter code “Sweet” for a free order of Cinna Stix.

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