Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Sole Expressions Heel Liners

Date Wed, June 18 2014

I recently bought an adorable pair of shoes on clearance. There was only one, okay two, problems.

  1. The shoes were just a bit big on me, and they were only available in one size (I typically fall between 8.5 and 9)
  2. The material was stiff. After walking just four blocks in them, the heels had cut up my ankles, and I was bleeding.

I decided that the single solution to both problems was heel cushions, which I had heard of but never used. I first started with a cheap pair of store-brand gel liners from Shopko, but they were terrible. They stuck to nothing in the shoe at all but, of course, they picked up every piece of cat fur and lint in the place.

Dr. Scholl's Sole Expressions Heel Liner,

Dr. Scholl’s Sole Expressions Heel Liner,

I returned those and headed to a different store, where I poured over the options. There were several from Dr Scholls, and while I had intended on purchasing a pair of gel liners, I opted for these pillow-y ones. They felt incredibly soft in the package. I didn’t care about the patterns. I guess they’re supposed to be cute or fashionable, but that’s not really my concern.

So I got hope and applied the heel liners to my shoes. They stuck immediately, unlike the previous liners I’d tried. They didn’t shift at all when I moved them, and the softness easily helped make my shoes more comfortable. These seem a little thicker than the gel liners, which is good to getting rid of that extra room in my shoes. However, you might want to pass up these heel liners if youre shoes are tighter.

I bought mine in a pack of three for a few bucks at Wal-mart. They’re more expensive on Amazon, so I would definitely not buy them there. If you have a printer, you can click here to save $2 on any Dr Scholl’s Dreamwalk product.

Because I bought a 3-pack, I have two pairs left: black and pink. I think I will wind up using these in my tennis shoes. I tend to quickly wear out the ankle. These won’t work in some strappy shoes, but some heels, flats, boots and sneakers will be compatible.

I haven’t always had positive experiences with Dr Scholl’s inserts and liners, but I really do like these.

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  1. Shannon June 21 2014 @ 10:47 pm

    These sound great. I have so many shoes I have given away since they hurt to wear.

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