Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles Followup Review

Date Tue, July 30 2013
The insoles coming apart

The insoles coming apart

Boy, it’s never a good sign when I have to write a followup review just a few weeks after I wrote my initial review. So what terrible, awful things happened after I first introduced you to Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles?

I wore them for a while but the extra height in my shoes caused them to rub on my ankles painfully, so I took them out for about a week.

The soles of my shoes developed holes, so I put the insoles back in as a temporary measure while I waited for new shows to arrive. This helped, and the ankle rubbing didn’t seem to happen anymore.

I went on a walk and the insoles pretty much shredded under my feet. The gel came apart under the toes and heels. This made the insoles move around in my shoes.

The top layer of fabric came loose. Now, you’ll need to ignore the fact that the insoles are covered in cat fur because that’s just what happens in my house. You can see the gel has torn away under the heel.

When I got new shoes, I just threw the insoles away. Even before they started falling apart, they were a little annoying.

Now, I had walked a few miles at once, but you’d imagine that insoles are intended to be worn for a while. These wouldn’t have lasted more than a month, which seems unacceptable to me. They’re not necessarily expensive, but this would be  frustrating. Unfortunately, many of the reviews on the website have the same problem. It’s a shame. I wanted to love this products.

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