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Date Mon, July 21 2014

Because DX Mall carries so many items in so many departments, it can feel overwhelming to me. It’s not the type of site I’d go just to browse. It’s good to have an idea of something you want. For example, I realized they carried robotic vacuums so I spent a bunch of time comparing models. Of course, you’ll likely find awesome things and get inspired for new searches. That’s the fun of shopping online.

I would warn that there are plenty of generic and knockoff items. And as a curvy woman, fewer of the clothing items are going to fit me because they’re designed with the small Asian frame in mind. This was an issue I ran into when reviewing for Sammydress. The blazer I ordered in my size ran small. Pay close attention to size charts on DX Mall. If you know the brand, you may well want to search for the official size chart.

DX MAll is based in Asia, which means shipping will take longer than if you order from a company with a warehouse in your backyard. If your order is time sensitive, you might do better to buy from Amazon. When I placed my review order, it was shipped via DHL, which is definitely smaller than UPS or Fedex. We don’t actually have a DHL office in my city, so they have to drive over an hour. I always try to be home when expect this.

Many of the items shipped from DX Mall come with minimal packaging. This likely helps keep prices down. For example, the bracelet I ordered was simply in a plastic bag. However, DX MAll packaged my items in a box inside the larger packaging envelope so everything arrived just fine.

I ordered 3 things:

Heart Shape Pendant Bracelet

Heart Shape Pendant Bracelet

Let’s start with the simplest — the bracelet. It’s made of a curved black plastic and reminds me of the “tattoo” style that was one popular. The plastic is thin but flexible. If you’re rough, I can imagine it breaking. The adjustable chain helps it fit a variety of wrists. I often have trouble with bracelets designed for wrists around 7 inches in circumference, but this one works fine. The clasp is heart-shaped and there’s also a heart pendant that hangs from it. This might bother some people, but I think it’s feminine and cute! There’s also a gold version, which looks a little less “cheap” in my opinion.

The epilator is a product I’ve had my eye on for a while. This one has a single head and operates with AAA batteries. You can quickly pluck a bunch of hair. It works best with peach fuzz/light hair. I don’t think it works very well on thicker hair, and your hair needs to be a certain length but not too long. With some hairs, it simply broke them. off. It worked well on areas on my face and the back of my hand, but it’s just not going to cut it for legs. Plus, to catch every last hair, you’re going to spend a lot of time moving it across your skin, so a razor is better for those areas.

It didn’t hurt nearly as much as I expected; although, my sensitive skin was pink for a while.  On the whole, I’ll keep this around but will look for an even better epilator in the future because I love the idea.

The last item was one that didn’t quite do what I want. This LED shower head — there are many and some need batteries, but the one I got doesn’t — connects to a hose to be a handheld shower head, not a permanent one like I thought. Since the other two products worked just fine, I’m not super upset. I can still use it in the future. though. I did test it on my kitchen sink to verify that the water pressure is enough to turn on the LED lights. Cold water seems to be green and warm water seems blue. Really hot water — over 105 degrees — is red. I think blue and green should be switched, but it’s not a big deal.

Because I like my showers on the cooler side, I would never see this turn to red. However, it’s a great way to check temperature of your water without  burning or freezing yourself. Blue = go! The color suddenly switches when temperature raises or drops. It’s not gradual at all, which would look cooler. Still, pretty fun!

You can get any of these items and thousands more at DXMall.com. Thanks for sending me stuff to review, guys!

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