Eden’s Edge Review

Date Mon, June 18 2012

Eden's Edge Album

Eden’s Edge Album

When I received the self-titled, full-length album from Eden’s Edge in the mail, I was surprised. I hadn’t signed up, and I didn’t expect it, but I popped it in my CD player anyway. I was pretty surprised. I hadn’t heard of Eden’s Edge, because I don’t usually listen to country radio these days, but there’s something about the group that I quite like. There’s some good old fashion twang, but there’s also modern lyricality and perhaps dance-ability that has been so present in country music these days.

Eden’s Edge, the album, is the 2012 release from the trio from Arkansas. They’ve got a lot of fans, though. Apparently, they won some contest from CMT, so lots of you have been waiting for this. Last year, the single “Amen” started playing on the airwaves and the follow-up single, “Too Good to Be True” followed this year. The CD just released on the 12th of June, if you’re interested.

“Amen” is the first song on the CD, and it’s fast but not fast enough for me. The singers croon about a hometown boy who married a bitch and then split up with her to everyone’s relief. “Too Good to Be True” is actually my favorite track on the album. I’m not sure when it came out, but I can easily see it doing better. It’s fast and poppy but there’s something very old-time-country about it, too. Really, that’s what I love about this group, they show their roots. One of my other favored songs if “Who Am I Drinking Tonight?” where the lead singer wants to learn about her new beau and who he is through his drink of choice. The lyrics go:

Are you a Kenny tequila, Buffet margarita
Or an Alan Jackson hurricane?
Are you a good time, flask of moonshine
Going George Strait to my brain?
A girl can tell a lot about a boy in one shot
I gotta know you’ve got a Bocephus side
So what’s in the cup, order it up
Who am I drinking tonight?

The band is always showing their country roots, both in lyrics and sound.

I personally prefer these faster ditties, because slow country tends to make me sad. However, the heartbreaking “Last Supper” is about a relationship falling apart, and is as beautiful as it is a tearjerker. There’s a few songs that also show the group’s religious beliefs. They don’t stuff it down your throat, and the songs are few and far between, but Eden’s Bridge does sing about Christian viewpoints.

I can easily see this album having a few popular singles, and I’ve already added four or five songs to my iPod. This is a strong freshman effort from a band whose fans, called Edge Heads, are already hooked. I expect that Eden’s Edge will be around for quite some time and recommend that you give them a listen, if you like country.

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