Emergen-C Berry Blue

Date Wed, August 3 2011

Emergen-C Berry BlueI was feeling kind ridiculous and awful the other day. Having just gone through some drawers, I remembered a few sample packet of Emergen-C and figured to give one a try. I was battling an infection that I hoped wouldn’t get any worse so mixed myself up a glass.

I had received several packets of the Berry Blue flavor, a powder that you mix in with a glass of water to create a “fizzy drink” similar to Alka-Seltzer. The packaging describes the “powerful blend of 24 nutrients, antioxidants and minerals” including 1000MG of vitamin C and all their benefits. Okay, sure. I mixed away and took a drink..

and nearly gagged. I just managed to finish the glass, forcing myself to take big gulps and swallow it all down, without heaving my guts all over the place. Now, this could be due to the fact that it didn’t dissolve very much or maybe it had sat too long or maybe I’m just not a fan of “berry blue.” It tasted like it was trying to be flavored but was still ridiculously medicinal.

And that’s not an improvement over a vitamin or other supplement in pill-form. And, judging from the packaging, that’s the market this company is trying to move in on. But I’d much rather swallow a horse pill and have it over with than go through the prolonged gagging session that Emergen-C caused. Maybe other flavors are better but I’m not so willing to try now.

I didn’t notice any increase in energy but I didn’t feel any worse and my infection soon cleared up. Thanks to Emergen-C? It’s hard to tell. I could tell you if it hadn’t worked and I’d died (or not) but I’ll have to suffer through the next packet when I’m working on a cold to know for sure.

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