Cat Tower Building Game

Date Sun, May 21 2017

Cats plus games. What better describes a Cole?

As it turns out, that’s also the description of  Cat Tower Building Game. So it seems like it’s meant to be, no?

I bought this game on Amazon, where it’s described as:

Cat Tower is a paper craft, tower-building, dexterity game starring cats! You and up to five players are tasked with staking unwieldy, lethally cute mousers in various, precarious positions based on the roll of a giant die. The goal is to get rid of your kitty hoard by placing them on the ever-growing Tower of Cats. But heads-up! One small twitch and cat chaos ensues, forcing the guilty party to add fallen felines to his or her cat pile. Then there are the “Fatty Catty” cards, which equal unforeseen plays. Got it? Smiles, grimaces, and belly laughs await. Get to stacking.

Like Jenga.. but with cats? Fun for the whole family? Great!
The price was right, so I bought it.
When Cat Tower arrived, it seemed a bit.. cheap, to be honest. It all comes in a small box, which is admittedly cute with giant kitty eyes staring at you from a furry, orange face. The pieces you stack are actually cardboard cards that you need to bend (there are creases to help, but they don’t really stay in shape). The die is a plain wooden cube and you have to affix the stickers to each side yourself. I personally don’t mind the latter, but the former becomes a problem as I will describe.
Cat Tower game pieces

Cat Tower game pieces

Basically, you wind up rolling the die to determine how you add to this cat tower. But a tower of bent cardboard isn’t stable. Building a tower out of bent cardboard cards is difficult because they want to flatten out. To get even two cats high is a task. It’s not knocking it down that you need to worry about; it’s getting past the first turn to begin with. We only got anywhere close to a tower after giving up playing by the rules and working together to stack as many cats as possible. Boo!
One could argue that this makes the game trickier, but I honestly think it just makes it needlessly difficult in a way that’s counterproductive to fun. My sister is 14 years-old — exactly the recommended age. But neither of us liked this game.
Something else sticks out, too. Once you bend your cards, you need to put them all back in the box for next time, but they never quite lie flat. I don’t like how “used” the game seems after the first play.
I understand that this game uses these components to save money, but I think I would rather pay more to have cats made out of.. pretty much anything more. In fact, if you built them with tray-shaped paperboard, it would be easier than the stock the cats are currently printed on.
I was really excited to play Cat Tower for the first time, but it quickly became obvious that it’s frustrating and not any fun at all. The concept is okay, but the execution really gives me paws (sorry, guys). I really can’t recommend Cat Tower even at just $12. There are much better cat-themed games out there (Tem-purr-a is one of them. Read my review)!
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