Legendary: Game of Heroes

Date Wed, April 12 2017

It’s interesting that I am just not getting around to writing about Legendary because I’ve been playing it for over half a year already!

When people ask what I’m playing, I describe it as similar to Puzzle Question. I enjoyed two of those three games on my DS (read my review) as well as Marvel Puzzle Quest on mobile (it was one of my top five apps). But after logging in every day for over a year soon became boring. I had complete all the story quests, and the daily quests had become monotonous. I haven’t been playing Legendary for as long, but it has a few features that have held my interest since I first started playing it.

Legendary Game of Heroes game play

After making 6 matches during a battle

Like Marvel Puzzle Quest, Legendary is a puzzle/RPG hybrid. You complete a puzzle similar to Bejeweled, and collect gems of each color to use attacks. Legendary also adds an element with heart-shaped health “gems” to refill your health bar. Another difference is with the game mechanics. Rather than just swapping gems up-and-down or side-to-side, you can move them diagonally, and every time you make a match of three or more gems, you extend the timer, so you can actually make multiple matches per turn, and each successive match increases your bonus.

This allows you to add more gems of the same color to create 6-of-a-kind for a bonus gem. You can then swap two bonus gems to clear all the gems of those colors from the board and add their totals to your count.

If your health takes a hit, you can watch a 3o-second video for a second chance.

Outside of the matches, Legendary continues to differ from Puzzle Quest. Obviously, there are no Marvel characters. Instead, there are fantasy-inspired characters such as types of wraiths, witches, and krakens. The characters break down by element (earth, fire, air, water, darkness and light). Each element corresponds to other elements against which it’s particularly effective (darkness – light, for example) You can create teams of 6 characters (and have multiple teams).

Legendary gives you the opportunity to “buy” characters and gear with gems that you earn or can buy with actual money. You’ll also earn potions to increase the level of those characters, and a combination of gold and items, both earned in game, allow you to evolve your cards to stronger characters who have stronger defenses and attacks.

I have only recently started working on the elite story quests after having finished the main quest. There are also various quests, including daily elemental quests, the gold temple for earning gold, guild wars that pit guilds against one another and weekly events, which change and give you the opportunity to earn limited characters and items. When these events end, you get bonuses depending on your overall rank and that of your guild.

The team behind Legendary has recently released new updates, including items and scroll that act as buffs for your team, elemental trials to earn items and gear dungeons to earn the items/scrolls recently added. Another new option is VIP ranking, which is so new that I am not quite sure how it works.

One thing that makes Legendary particularly engaging are guilds. I’ve been in two, the majority of my time spent in an active guild. During weekly events, my guild competes together to earn as much as possible, and we chat pretty frequently. Being in a guild also helps for quests, where you send a helper from your guild or friends list to search for keys (needed to play certain matches), gold, characters, and gear. When your friends use your characters as helpers, you gain honor points to use for

Psst — join my guild.

With so much to do, I can easily spend an hour playing every day before running out of every type of key or stamina, which are needed for the battles. The variety is one of the reasons that it’s compelling to log on day after day when other games have lost their luster.

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