Stranger Things Eggo Card Game

Date Fri, April 27 2018

So you’re a fan of Stranger Things, kitschy things, and card games — have you met the Stranger Things Eggo Card Game? I’ve not had a chance to play this game twice.

Stranger Things Eggo Card Game

Stranger Things Eggo Card Game comes with a toaster holder, Eggo box and cars featuring characters from the show

The cool thing about the Stranger Things Eggo Card Game is that the game is actually a cardboard toaster, and you draw cards from each of the slots. The cards are round and most have an Eggo print on the back, so it definitely pays homage to the source.

The cards also differ from most games in that the stock is incredibly thin. You’ll see this in most reviews. It makes the game feel quite light but also means that the cards will likely wear out sooner and that they can bend and crease quite easily.

When it comes to playing the game, it’s much like Uno. The cards each depict a character and a color or are a wild card, which come in the forms of portals and rifts. You can play a matching color or character, but the colors are skewed just enough to need a decent light source to see them. There’s a blue-green, a pinky red, a purple, and a yellow-orange. If the colors were a bit more primary, it would be easier to see. It’s not a dealbreaker, however.

Aside from the character cards, there are reverses and draw 2s, which anyone who has played Uno understands. To explain how portals and rifts work, you need to know that every player picks a character from the first season. Choices include Hopper, Eleven, Nancy, Jonathan and all of the boys. Joyce is not a playable character; although, hers is a character card on the board. You can also play Barb with a caveat that I’ll discuss shortly.

Character cards are round and two-sided. One side is darker, and you start on this darker side because your character is un the Upside Down. Not only are you trying to get rid of all your cards, but you have to be in the real world to win!

Portals are wild cards that allow you to flip your character card right side up. But be careful! Rift cards mean that everyone must flip their cards, so you might wind up back in the Upside down.

There’s one more bit of chance that you have to beat in the Stranger Things Eggo Card Game. Four of the cards you can draw are Demogorgons, and if you haven’t escaped the upside down and played all your cards before all four of the cards have been played, you’ve lost.

In this way, the Stranger Things Eggo Card Game is a last-man-standing type of game. You can only win by escaping the Upside Down, but you can lose by revealing all four demogorgon cards before you play all your cards or by being the last person with any cards left in their hand even if all of those cards haven’t been played.

The Stranger Things Eggo Card Game is a bit more complex than Uno but is close enough that it’s not difficult to learn if you’ve ever played. The extra elements add a bit of difficulty, but it’s still chance, and the game isn’t very long regardless.

I don’t find that Uno has a lot of replayability for me, and this game has fewer cards overall, so I think it would be even less so. But it’s definitely a fun addition if you’re a an advid Stranger Things fan and collector.

You can pick up this game from target for $15, and it’s the same price on Amazon.

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