Date Thu, March 16 2017

Tem-Purr-A is a cat-sushi themed card game for 3 or more players. Now, what do I mean by cat-sushi? Yes, I thought you might ask.

The Tem-Purr-A deck includes cards from 1 through 7 with each depicting a type of cat either serving or dressed as Japanese-themed food. The art is funky, the theme is adorable and they work together better than you’d think. Everyone with whom I’ve played has loved the art of Tem-Purr-A.

I’ve played with a number of different people, all of whom seemed to enjoy Tem-Purr-A. It’s a turn-based game, so you don’t necessarily need to be quicker than anyone else. But you do have a chance to screw over your friends, which is always a fun element in any game.

In Tem-Purr-A, gameplay is a bit like Uno or Crazy 8s. You need to play a card of the same number as the one that’s in the pile, or you can use some specific moves to change the pile. When you get to a point where you have no moves, you have to draw as many cards as total cards in the play pile.

For example, if the playing pile contains three 7s and a single +1, you draw 22 cards. And then you hope and pray because somewhere in that draw pile is at least one indigestion card. If you draw it, you take an indigestion token. But be careful! Three of those and you’ve lost!

As long as you have fewer than three tokens, the game continues on with a new pile. And you can choose to add an indigestion card into the pile to up the ante for other players

At first, the rules seem a bit confusing, but it’s easy enough to understand after playing a round or two, and people seem to especially enjoy the mounting suspense as the sum of the pile gets larger and you know someone is going to wind up with a huge hand of cards.

There aren’t that many strategies; although, my sister, in particular, has stumbled across an interesting one that somehow works in her favor.

Rounds of Tem-Purr-A are fairly quick; although, the size of the deck probably prevents it from being very travel-friendly.

If you’re a fan of card games, cats and sushi, you really can’t go wrong with Tem-Purr-A, but it’s not the most varied or challenging game out there.

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